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The world has been a strange place these last few years, with nothing being close to what it once was. Every country on the planet has been affected by recent events, so there's nowhere to escape from it. We've been in Thailand and Indonesia so far, with plans hopefully taking us to Australia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and more! That's a long term plan anyway.

Having experience backpacking around South East Asia previously, I thought I could give some unique insights into the world of a traveller now...compared to what it once was.


This is a strange and difficult question to answer because some costs have gone up, and others have gone down. Quarantine hotels are expensive, and then there's the added cost of covid tests etc. That being said, a lot of accommodations are cheaper outside of this and most offer "covid discounts". The same goes for activity companies and restaurants as well. What would have once been a £20 a night room, is now £10 and so on. Restaurants and bars are all competing for what business there is so you can often find great deals. Cheaper drinks and breakfast bundles are always great for saving some cash!

With everything taken into account, I would say that right now it is cheaper to travel. If you're concerned about how far your money will take you, then now is the best time to take the leap!

This image shows a young man and woman relaxing and spending time together in a luxury private villa. The woman is sat down to the right side of the image, on the edge of their private swimming pool and she is wearing a large white shirt, which is open and revealing her white bikini underneath. The man is walking towards her with baby blue shorts on and a white shirt open revealing his torse. The pool looks lovely and light blue as the sun glistens off it. The sky is clear and blue with only the occasional faint cloud in the sky. The villa looks incredible and very aesthetic. It is surrounded by tropical plants and trees that only add to the incredible experience.
Now might be the best chance you have to stay in the villa of your dreams


The same way it always has. Just be sure to research the company you use, and spend a little more to make sure all your potential covid concerns are also covered. I have been guilty of not getting travel insurance when going away in the past, which is something I won't be doing again. If you are in a foreign country and you catch covid it will cost a fortune for treatments and quarantine. After saving up all that money the last thing you want is to spend it on medical bills.

We use Coverwise, which provided good coverage at a reasonable price.


Meeting people from all over the world may be one of your main reasons to travel. There's nothing like sitting around a table with different nationalities all talking and learning about each other's cultures and backgrounds. It's no secret that right now there are far fewer travellers than there have been in a very long time. While this is the case you are going to meet fewer people...but it's not all doom and gloom I promise!

I'm very confident in saying you are going to meet fewer people right now, but it's certainly not all doom and gloom. You may have fewer impromptu wild nights out with complete strangers, but you get the best tourist spots to yourself. It's all about perspective and making sure you see the bright side of life as often as possible. The busy times will return, so enjoy all the amazing places you can while there's less competition for photos.

This picture shows a group of 6 all standing on a cliffside as they smile towards the camera with the ocean stretching out behind them. There are 3 sets of couples here who all look young and happy together. Starting from the right is a young man with brown skin, long curly hair and a black vest on with white shorts. His right arm is around the back of a young girl to his right. She has tanned skin, long black hair and a black top with a long flowing skirt. The skirt is navy with orange flowers on it and it goes down towards her shins where you can see black flip flops. To her right is a tall man with a grey vest, dark sunglasses and black shorts. He has whihte skin with white flip flops on. his arms are folded around his wasite and they girl to his right has her arms around his as she stands angled towards him. She has her blonde hair tied up, dark sun glasses on with a grey dress and black sandals. The final couple is a young white couple with tanned skin. The woman is angled towards the man, and he is angled towards her with her right and his left arm behind the other. She is wearing all white with a top and shorts on, her blonde hair tied up and dark sunglasses on with gold flip flops. He is wearing dark sunglasses with a white t-shirt and black shorts with black sandals. The group look very happy as they smile towards the camera together
Meeting new people is more difficult, but by no means impossible


There are more documents, paperwork and daily changing regulations to contend with now, so it is a little more difficult. There's no escaping it, not for a while anyway. You can minimise the difficulty though, which is what we try and do. Since we are travelling for the long-term we chose to stay in places for months at a time, rather than dip in and out. It minimises any necessary quarantines and covid tests and means we get to explore countries much more thoroughly.

The difficulty moving about comes from entering a country, so once you're there you may as well stick around.


No, it isn't any more dangerous than it would have ever been to travel. People tend to make the wrong assumptions about countries now being at breaking point after long lockdowns and very little income...especially from countries that heavily rely on tourism. What we have experienced is drastically different to this assumption. When people see us with our backpacks on they can't help but grin from ear to ear. It's a sign of hope to most that things may soon return to normal.

The return of tourism is the single most important thing to so many communities in places like this. They want to make sure you have the best time possible, which encourages others to come and do the same!

This image shows a young couple standing together as they look out at the ocean ahead of them. They are standing on the front of an old ship which has been left on the beach at the shore. The rest of the ship has gone, leaving just the front as a wreckage that has been covered in graffiti. You can see the side profile of the couple as they stand while looking out at the ocean before them. The man is standing behind the young woman and he has a slim figure with dark brown hair, tanned skin, dark sunglasses and black shorts on. In front of him the woman is in an all white one piece bikini with her blonde hair flowing behind her in the breeze, and she also has dark sun glasses on. This section of the boat is sat on the white sand as the tide closes in on it. The water ahead looks a little rough as waves can be seen in the distance, but the sky is blue with a few clouds dotted around. The graffiti covering the boat is a mix of all colours you can imagine, and styles as the boat seems to have been sat there for some time.
Matt falling over while getting down from here has been the most dangerous thing to happen to us in a while


We know others who have received negative words, and something I expected to least a little. Some people think it's selfish to travel, and they don't realise the impact it can have on some of the worst-affected countries.

We're fortunate to have experienced nothing but love and support from all who engage with our content. Its been incredibly uplifting to hear how much we are helping other people make similar decisions. Other people who can't explore right now are even picked up just by being able to explore places through us. The love and support have been incredible at times and have meant so much to us.


One thing that hasn't changed is that you must always be respectful of others. The only difference now is that there are more rules to follow. You have to make sure you are wearing masks when required, and generally living by the rules. It's important to be extra respectful of others around you to make sure you don't make others feel uncomfortable. No walking around a supermarket without a mask while coughing and touching everything!

This image shows a young man and woman sat on a cliffside as they look out at the beautiful blue and green ocean before them, which stretches out all the way to the horizon. They are both facing away from the camera and the man is on the left side of the image with his torse exposed showing his wide back and tanned skin. he is wearing black swim shorts and has his face turned slightly towards the woman showing signs of stubble and dark sunglasses. He has his right hand on the small of the woman's back as they sit with their feet dangling over the side. She is wearing a multicoloured two piece bikini with orange, and various shades of blue. Her blonde wavey hair is down her back and she has sunglasses propped on top of her hair.
Always be mindful of where you are, and how you make others feel

The world is a different place from what was, but there is very much still a place for all explorers. Travelling right now presents a unique opportunity to see the world in a way very few ever will. If it's something you are on the fence about then I would always say get out there and do it now!


For more travel tips make sure to check out our blogs on photography tips for travel couples, lessons we've learnt so far and our travel essentials.

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