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After a recent rest in Uluwatu, it's now time for Danielle and I to make our way East and North. We can't wait to explore more of North Bali as the rainy season comes to a close! With that in mind, we thought it would be a great chance to share with you all the methods we use to research any new places we plan on visiting, and how we ensure we don't miss anything!



Travel is all about being spontaneous, having fun and the freedom to either stay or move on. It's amazing when you find that place you fall in love with and stay as long as you like!

We always try and have a rough guide in mind for what we want to do and see. When we first decided to come to Bali we developed a rough plan of where we would go, and at least start. As so many do, we started in Canggu before moving on to the Nusa Islands. Once we knew where we were starting we could begin researching things to do in those areas.

Narrowing things down, and focusing on specific sections helps to avoid missing lesser-known, but equally amazing places.


Once you know where you are going you can simply start by looking on Google. Check out travel blogs and 'things to do' in that area for starters. Other people's experiences are a great starting point, especially when they give you the good and bad! Honest travel blogs are brilliant for this. Don't always take their word for the bad, as a bad experience for one person can be completely different for someone else. Something as uncontrollable as the weather could affect the experience someone had. Just make note of what they've seen and do more research into it yourself.

A young couple are standing looking out at a beautiful waterfall in the distance, which falls into a river, and the whole area is engulfed in a tropical jungle. The man is to the left of the image and he is wearing a white t-shirt with beige shorts. He has his left hand on a barrier in front of him and his right hand is holding the left hand of the young woman to his side. They are both facing away from the camera admiring the awesome view. The woman is wearing a white top with beige shorts also as they match perfectly. She has long blonde hair that falls down her back to her shoulder blades. They appear to be at some kind of viewing point as there is a wooden fence in front of them which looks out of the tropical terrain.
There are a bunch of places just as spectacular as this everywhere...make sure not to miss them!


Once you've built a list of things to see, you need to check them out with your own two eyes. I'm not talking about visiting everywhere, but head to Instagram. It's an amazing database of pictures that you can use to see whether something looks worth the trip for you. Once you've narrowed down, or even expanded your list, then you can then start saving them for later.


As your list of exploration points grows and grows you can head onto google maps and start saving locations. This makes sure you don't forget about them! While you're there you can also zoom in a little and look for icons like these 🌲, 📷 or ⛱. They are symbols which highlight things you can see, and they provide information as well as reviews etc. As your list of saved spots grows you can start to understand a route in your head.


Use other people's experiences to your benefit and ask anyone you know who has visited your future travel destinations. If you don't know someone whose been there then look to people on social media. Ask a poll of things to do in those areas on your story, and check out some Facebook groups too. You're sure t0 some great responses!

This image shows a young couple who appear to have recently enjoyed a helicopter ride. They are sat in the helicopter after the blades have stopped spinning while smiling towards each other as the picture is taken. The woman is in the cockpit in a white dress with her blonde hair falling down around her face and over her shoulders. She is looking back at the man in the backseat who is slightly leaned forwards towards her. He is wearing a white shirt with beige shorts and flip flops. The helicopter is on the ground and there are palm trees in the distance. The machine is predominantly black with the word URBAN in light blue and AIR in white.
a helicopter tour of Uluwatu, Bali, is something we would recommend to anyone we know


When a billionaire and certified genius like Elon Musk speaks about learning then it's worth paying attention. In a simple tweet back in March 2021, he stated "you can pretty much learn anything on Youtube/Reddit" and I don't disagree with him. As much as we would love to live like an explorer who ventures into a whole new territory and explored previously unseen lands, it's just not feasible today. There is a tonne of people online who have done exactly what you are planning on doing. Listen to them and check out the awesome things they've done.


Do not wait until later! Go to Google maps, make a physical note or do whatever you need to do...just don't forget what you've seen! You will not come back to it, and it'll haunt you forever. You'll spend the rest of your life trying to figure out what that unbelievable thing was that you just saw. I guarantee you'll never see a trace of it online again!


All the research you've done in the build-up to arriving doesn't stop there. You don't need to stop every local you see and ask about things to do, just don't miss an opportunity if it arises. A friendly restaurant worker, cafe owner or the person who welcomes you to your home for the next however long. If they look friendly and are willing to help then they'll likely love to tell you about all the amazing things you can see in their hometown! That's in our experience anyway.

This image shows a young couple and what appears to be a monkey in front of them taking a selfie with the couple in the background. The couple are standing with their arm around each other as they face the camera, with the monkey just in front also looking at the camera with his arm out towards the camera. The man is to the right of the image and he is wearing a white t-shirt and beige shorts with short brown hair. His left arm is around the young woman to his side and she also has her right arm around the mans back. She is wearing a white dress with black polkadots on it and a black belt. They appear to be standing in the jungle as the place is covered with trees and stone steps.
This friendly local was more than happy to help us take a great selfie!

There are a bunch of ways you can research any place, and we don't necessarily do all of these every time. After starting you will quickly find your google maps looks like a green pin cushion after all the pins you've dropped. Everything that goes into your trip beforehand is instantly made worthwhile when you're out experiencing it for yourself.


For more travel saving tips make sure to check out our blogs on maximising your travel budget, saving money on flights as well as saving on accommodation.

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