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Danielle and I have been backpacking for several years now. We recently decided to pursue this passion of our full-time, as opposed to alongside our 9-5. We've gone through trial and error over this time and done a lot of research into various "must-haves". Here is our list of top 10 travel essentials! We've also thrown in other things we love, and what helps stave off boredom in those long airport waits and flights.

A young couple are pictured here looking out on a spectacular view. The man is sat on some rocks with his body facing the camera and his head turned overlooking the glorious sight. He is wearing sports style trainers with dark shorts on and a dark blue vest. He is sat with his right hand across his leg and his left hand on the young girls leg. He has dark brown hair and very tanned skin. The young girl has playfully messy blonde hair which drapes on her shoulders as she stands with one leg behind her, her body facing the young man and her head turned admiring the view, She has light blue denim shorts on and a dark coloured vest with sports trainers on also. light grey rocks cover the foreground of the image with a range of wild plants cascading down to the right of the image all the way up above the young pair. In the background you can see a vast jungle spreadout as the pair look from on high at the wilderness before them. all the way on the horizon is another mountain with blue skies sitting on top of it. There are occasional white clouds throughout the blue sky and it looks to be mid day with the sun very bright and the clouds casting shadow below.
Essentials like our tripod helped us achieve amazing shots like this

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  1. Travel Rucksack: By far our backpack of choice! They come with a smaller bag zipped onto the front, which is a great addition for days out. It has all the necessary back supports and a lot of hidden pockets and compartments. We've used them all over and really couldn't recommend them more.

  2. Mini first aid kit: Safety is a top priority when you're away so remember to carry one of these with you.

  3. Packing cubes: This was a first for us, but we'd seen lots of people talking about them. They made it a lot easier to fit everything in our backpacks. Great for dividing up your clothes and keeping clean clothes away from your laundry.

  4. Backpack locks: It's important to protect your belongings while travelling.

  5. Universal power adapter: While these are bulkier than a single adaptor it is a huge space saver in the long run. This meant we could ditch all other adapters, and it comes in a protective case.

  6. Power bank: This has saved our lives! It can charge multiple devices and can help you out in a jam.

  7. Water bottle: It's important to get one that's easy to carry, clean and reusable.

  8. Toiletry bag: We like that this one has a plastic section to put toothpaste and creams in etc.

  9. Microfibre towels: These take up such a small amount of space! It comes in an easy to use bag and won't collect sand after you use them on the beach...something worth its weight in gold.

  10. Tripod Stand: Never ask strangers to take pictures again! We got this stand for this trip and wish we'd had it in the past. It comes with a handy Bluetooth clicker than connects to your phone so you can stand in place and take all the snaps you need.

A young couple are sat on the ground side by side and leaning while kissing one another on the lips. They look very much in love while they sit on the light grey ground with a coral pink wall behind them which has a something casting a shadow along the top of the building and the picture. The woman is on the left side of the couple and she is sat with her hands clutched into her body, with light brown sandals on and a white dress that comes to her thigh. She has straight blonde hair that cascades down her shoulders and back, as well as a section of hair that has falled down by her ear, along the back of her jawline and down her chest. The woman is leaning into her left as she kisses the man while wearing gold sunglasses. The man is leaning into his right and he has dark brown hair with stubble. He also has sunglasses but his are black. He is wearing a white t-shirt, baby blue shorts and black flip flops. He is sat with his feet planted on the ground, knees upright and his hands clasped as his forearms sit on his knees. The pair look very much enamoured with each other as they sit in the sun on this side street in Phuket Old Town
Another great image caught with our handy tripod while in Phuket Old Town


  • Snorkel Sets: A favoured pastime of ours when we're away. After doing a lot of research into what snorkel to get we settled on these. The quality of these is great as we have used them for both scuba diving and snorkelling.

  • Dry Bag: Any water adventurer will need this. We went for a mid-sized one so that we don't need one each. They fit the microfibre towels, phones and GoPro in with ease. Also comes with a waterproof phone case so you can take your phone with you as you explore.

  • Men's & Women's Rash Vests: This is a new one for us but after being sunburnt on our backs way too often while snorkelling out at sea. They are a great addition that takes up little to no extra room.

  • Sea Shoes: Again, one that's new to us but now makes so much sense. Too often we'd found great areas to explore but flip flops and sandals didn't work well and the stones were too unbearable to deal with. These are small and can come in handy when you need them!


What you see on Social Media regarding travel are all the best bits. You don't see the waiting around at airports or on flights etc. which is also a part of it all. It's great to have a few things with you to help pass time when there's nothing you can do but sit and wait it out.

  • Nintendo Switch: We got this when we were initially expecting to fly to Australia, but would still recommend it regardless. You can get the games that suit you, and if there are two of you then you can play together on the same console!

  • iPad: Great for keeping up to date with all your favourite shows and movies through your preferred streaming apps. With the likes of Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ Disney+, you can download things to watch offline.

  • Kindle: Such a space saver if you're someone who enjoys reading. While you often can't beat holding a physical book, it helps when you're living out of a backpack.

  • A classic deck of cards - It's a classic and ultimately a lot cheaper than the above options. Always great to have a pack on you for sure!


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