Bali is a beautiful place that Danielle and I fell deeply in love with during our 6-month stay. We didn't see it all but managed plenty in that time and we've put together a list of the top 5 beaches, waterfalls and viewpoints that we came across. Some will be very well known, others a little more of a hidden gem, but these are things not to pass by if you make it over to The Island Of The Gods.


It's a difficult assignment to narrow down such a long and incredible list, but we will try our best! Sorry if your favourite places don't make our top spot, but these are what we consider to be the top 5 beaches in Bali...Spoiler alert! They're mostly in Uluwatu:

  1. Melasti - Uluwatu

  2. Nyang Nyang - Uluwatu

  3. Kelingking - Nusa Penida

  4. Nunggalan - Uluwatu

  5. Padang Padang - Uluwatu


There are so many awesome waterfalls in Bali, and we think we've done a pretty solid job here of picking out the creme de la creme. If you're visiting the island then these are some of the waterfalls you'll want to make sure you tick off your bucket list.

  1. Sekumpul - Munduk

  2. Leke Leke - Tabanan Regency

  3. Tegenungan - Ubud

  4. Banyumala - Munduk

  5. Sumampan - Ubud


Danielle and I took the longest amount of time agonising over this list because there were so many incredible viewpoints that we had to miss out on. One thing for sure was the first place was the hands-down's probably the best viewpoint we've ever been to in our lives! The rest you could argue about until you're blue in the face, as there is a solid argument for so many others, but here are our top picks.

  1. Lahangan Sweet - Amed

  2. Kelingking: Nusa Penida

  3. Rumah Pahon (Thousand island viewpoint) - Nusa Penida

  4. Gembleng Waterfall Viewpoint - Sidemen

  5. Batu Jeran Hill - Uluwatu

TOP 6 EXPERIENCES (we couldn't pick just 5)

Bali is a very cool place and there is a tonne of amazing experiences, and we wanted to include all of these as a bonus. We did so much that we couldn't limit this one to just 5! Here are the best trips we did, with links to all the companies that can guarantee you an epic experience. We would go back and do all of these all over again in a heartbeat.

  1. Scuba Diving a WWII sunken ship - Amed

  2. Mt Batur trek - Ubud

  3. White water rafting - Sidemen

  4. Paragliding at Nyang Nyang cliff - Uluwatu

  5. Green kitchen cooking class - Sidemen

  6. Silver jewellery making - Sidemen

There are still so many incredible things to do and see when you visit this magnificent island. It's a place we love so much, and can't wait to come back! If you're visiting soon then make sure to check out our Bali itinerary for more amazing things to do when you get here.


If you're visiting Bali then make sure to check out our other blogs on Uluwatu, Ubud, Sidemen & Munduk and our Bali itinerary too.

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