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The life of a traveller is amazing, unpredictable and spontaneous. With all that exploring and socialising it can also be very easy to fall into the trap of eating unhealthily and not exercising. Often the physical act of exploring can be exercise enough, but what can you do on those lazy days?


A well-balanced diet is incredibly important, regardless of whether you are travelling or not. If you're an active person then sticking to set meals and cutting out snacks will make the weight fall off. To go a step further you can start to google any restaurant you go to first. If the food doesn't look fresh or is covered in oil then maybe avoid it.

Pro tip: If you're on a budget then a late breakfast can double as an early lunch and lasts until the evening!


The more fresh fruit and vegetables you can eat the better! In some parts of the world you will find supermarkets to be very expensive, so always try and find the local markets and stock up there instead. The food is likely even fresher and cheaper! In Bali, we loved stocking up on dragon fruit!

A young couple can be seen here sitting with their back to the camera while sitting on a cliff edge. The drop is far down to the white water crashing against the rocks, and the cliffs themselves are covered in greenery. The woman is on the left side of the man and she is wearing a black and white spotted dress with an open back and her long blonde hair falling down to the middle of her back. Her legs are dangling off the cliff edge as she sits with her body turned towards the young man and they are kissing. The man has his left arm behind and to the side of him supporting him as he leans in to kiss the woman. He has a dark vest on, short brown hair and a tattoo on his left shoulder. The sky is clear blue with very little cloud and the water below looks rough, but beautiful.
We turned vegetarian about a year ago and have felt so much better for it since


Being veggie is typically cheaper and healthier. You don't have to start with a complete dietary overhaul straight away, but start looking at vegetarian options when you eat out. They're often cheaper, healthier and let's not forget the good it does for the environment too. Then start to increase the number of times per week you do this over a few months. We recently spent 6 whole months in Bali and didn't get "Bali belly once"! We think this is because we predominantly ate veggie while we were there.


Drinking beer and wine is all too easy when you travel 24/7. Grabbing a cold one with new friends, or after a long day in the heat is second to none. It's something we would never want to cut out entirely! The problem comes when it's every night. Drinking in excess every day is bad for you, plain and simple. Make sure to take breaks from the beers, drink plenty of water and stay away from the sugary drinks. Don't put sugar in your tea or coffee, as that quickly adds up more than you might think.


It's tough but rewarding. My personal preference is to work out first thing on an empty stomach, but I know that's not for everyone. Figure out what works best for you and stick to it! If you're in a hot country then you may have to start working out first thing. Once the afternoon approaches it simply gets too hot!

Either way, make sure you're drinking a lot of water when you train.

This image is of a young couple standing on what looks to be a private and beautiful beach. The man is to the woman's left and he has his back to the camera while he is looking at the woman, and they are holding hands. He is wearing black swim shorts, has dark brown. hair and is standing on white powdered sands. His right hand is holding the young woman's left and she has her back to camera but has turned her head around and is smiling at the man. She is wearing a grey two piece bikini and has long blonde hair flowing behind her in the breeze, with dark sunglasses on her face.. the water before them is a Turquoise clear colour and looks incredibly calm. In the not to far distance is a cliff face covered with plants, trees and ras. The sky isn't very visible apart for a small section where the cliff ends and it looks blue.
Getting your workout finished early stops it from getting in the way of other things throughout the day


Not only do you get healthy, but it's a brilliant way to meet new people. There are cheaper gyms if the expensive ones are out of your budget, and I've often found they're where the locals are. Get some great local food and exploration trips while you train! If you're able to stretch your budget to something a little more expensive then that has its perks too. Aircon can be hard to come by in a cheaper gym!


If the gyms are out of your budget then you can create your workout plan at home. Pushups, sit-ups, and squats are just scratching the surface of what you can do at home without any equipment. During the pandemic, a whole industry boomed by offering online workout plans for people at home, and you can follow a few YouTubers that still offer that same service now. If you have somewhere with a pool then a quick dip in the morning is always great!


Trek, hike, climb and swim. Go to mountains, into jungles and out to sea. The best form of exercise is the one you don't know you're doing. I'm not saying you won't be exhausted hiking through the jungle up towards a viewpoint, but it's better than doing it on a treadmill...and you get the amazing views at the end to top it off.

This is the image of a young couple walking holding hands as they stroll down a river in a jungle environment. The man is at the back being led by the young woman in front. He has his torso exposed, and is wearing black swim shorts and has dark brown hair. The woman guiding him through this terrain is wearing denim shorts, a black bikini top and has her blonde hair tied in a bun. The water they are walking through is ankle deep but muddy and there are small stones and large rocks dotted all around. The cliffs surrounding the small stream are covered in moss, grass, plants and trees and it looks to be a sunny day, although you can't see the sky, the sun is beaming down.
Exploring is the single best way to exercise in our's the most fun!

There are a whole bunch of ways to stay fit and healthy while you're on the road or on holiday. It takes some sacrifice and dedication but that's just the way it is. It doesn't mean you don't get to eat pizza and drink beer, it just means you don't only get to drink beer and eat pizza!


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