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Whether you're looking to live a laidback lifestyle or want to try your hand as a digital nomad, Canggu could be somewhere to add to your bucket list. This nomadic haven has attracted people from all over the world for years...but is it all it's cracked up to be?


While Canggu isn't perfect, it certainly has its charm. It is easy to see why people find themselves visiting this incredible place, and wind up still there years later. So what are some of the highlights?


Anyone visiting Canggu is seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to where, and what you can eat. With so much choice it's difficult to pin down a top 10, but here are some of our highlights:

  • Rise & Shine Cafe: Incredible breakfasts. The price you see is the price you pay and they have 15K coffee 1-3 pm daily.

  • Crate: A very good option for anyone with a large appetite. The portions are HUGE, taste very good and the price is cheap. Everything here is just 55k IDR

  • Nu Delhi: The best Indian we managed to find in Canggu. The menu is small, but it's well priced and tastes delicious.

  • Milk & Madu: Sundays are the best day here with pizza being 2-4-1. There is a tonne of pizza places in Canggu, and this is up there as one of the best.

  • Ithaka Warung: Very good Indonesian food at a great price. It was one of the first places we tried in Canggu and we went back a few times.

  • Warung Local: Incredibly good and cheap local food. It's a buffet so you select the options that you want and that dictates the price. You can still get a mountain of food for around 40K.

  • La Baracca: A very nice Italian with well-priced wine and some delicious options. We would recommend the gnocchi that comes in a bread bowl. They give you a free little starter and then shots of limoncello after your meal too which are nice additions.

  • BGS: We haven't eaten here but it is by far the best coffee you will find in Canggu. It's always full of people at all times of the day.

This is a picture of a delicious looking breakfast burrito cut in half and presented on a plate with some sauces and side dishes sat behind and some beetroot and sweet potato crisps just in front. The burrito is cut in half with one upright and the other half laid flat to the right of it. it contains scrambled egg, beans, cheese and mushrooms all rolled together in a toasted wrap. There is a salsa dip in a pot just behind and what appears to be some vegetables just behind too.
Rise & Shine was one of our favourites, who doesn't like cheap coffee and great food?!


With the countless number of bars, restaurants, cafes, workspaces, gyms and accommodations it's a very easy place to meet people and make friends. Open workspaces and shared kitchens are great for making new friends and getting to know your neighbours. There may not be as many backpackers as there once were, but there are still a lot of ex-pats. They're great for helping you get to know all the best places, and introducing you to groups of new friends.


It's a mecca for any aspiring surfer looking to hit the waves for the first time. The beaches are full of experienced pros offering lessons to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. The waves are a good size and there are wide open spaces away from rocks and coral reefs that mean you can fall off without a care.

When it comes to a lesson we would advise getting at least 1. They're 300K per person, which includes a board for 2 hours and a rash vest. If you're able to pick things up quickly then they can give amazing insights into other safe surf spots too.

This is a photograph of a young man and young woman learning to surf. they can se seen standing on long blue practice surf boards which are laid down on the beach. The man is on the left of the image and is in a surfing stance with his arms out to help him balance and the woman is standing on her board also observing the man. She has a serious look on her face as she concentrates on what is happening and she is rubbing her hands together. The sand around them is a dark grey coliur and there are shacks behind them which people rent and sell surfboards from, as well as lessons. The man is wearing black swim shorts and a dark blue rash vest with white sleeves and quicksilver printed on the back and arms. The woman is wearing a black rash vest with ROXY down the arms and dark brown bikini bottoms.
Danielle was much sturdier on the surfboard than I was


Tanah Lot isn't technically in Canggu, it's about 20 minutes away, however it's one of the main attractions you can see within a short ride. It's a beautiful temple that can offer quite a unique experience. Depending on the time of day it can be completely different depending on whether the tide is in or out. When we went the tide was all the way out which meant we could walk up to the temple. During high tide, this is all cut off so the temple looks like an island just off the mainland. It's a great opportunity to take some nice pictures and have a little wonder around to see some of the heritage Bali has to offer.

When Danielle and I went we were the only caucasian people there and we were treated like local celebrities! People were queuing for pictures with us, which was something we'd never experienced before. It was new but fun!

A man and woman are standing side by side as they gaze out at a temple in the distance. The temple is Tanah Lot, which sits about 20 minutes outside of Canggu, Bali. They are visiting while the tide is out which means they can explore some of the surrounding area,. When the tide is fully in the water comes all around the temple and you can't get close to it. The floor is covered in moss, seaweed and puddles of water from when the tide has been in. The woman is on the left and she has white shorts and a white top with light brown sandals. Her sunglasses are sat on top of her long blonde hair which flows down her back. Her right hand is holding the left habnd of a young man who is standing looking at the temple also. He is wearing light blue shorts, black sandals and a white t-shirt. The day looks bright with a blue sky and some cloud dotted around. There are a few other people seen in the distance closer to the temple exploring the surrounding area. This couple has trekked further afield and are looking back at the temple in the distance.
Visiting Tanah Lot during low tide means you can explore much more of the surrounding area


We went to Waterbom with a few friends we'd met in Canggu and had the best day! It was amazing to put all technology away and just run around like kids again. It's 400k to enter, but make sure to check online for any discount codes. We found 50% off, and there is usually some promotion you can make use of.

It's a large waterpark that has a bunch of great slides! There are some amazing rides you can enjoy with friends, and others that plummet straight down that require you to be brave and go it alone. It's all super fun, and a guaranteed great day out. It's not technically in Canggu, but easy enough to reach from there.


Bali is renowned for its sunsets, and Canggu is in a prime location to see some spectacular ones. With the coastline stretching for miles, it's not difficult to find a bar or a simple spot of sand to perch on. Once you've found your spot simply sit back and take in the candy floss skies before you.

You won't be alone in this either as a lot of people tend to have the same idea. It's not uncommon to find plenty of people on the beaches taking dogs for walks, getting a light jog in or simply sitting admiring the view.

This is a silhouette image of a man holding a woman up in the sea with waves crashing around them and the sun setting in the distance. The man and woman are almost completely blacked out but a few of their features can still be seen. The ocean is around knee height on the man and the waves are in front as well as behind him. He is holding the woman in his arms as she lays out and has one arm raised to pose. The sun set behind them has cast an incredible shade of orange which ranges from deep orange at the bottom to light orange and white just above the mans shoulders where the sun is behind him. The clouds are enhancing this colour amazingly
Canggu is home to some of the best sunsets you can find in the world


In short, no. It isn't too good to be true. There are plenty of people who are drawn here and happy to call it home, but it's not for everyone. If you like to explore, chase waterfalls, hike to viewpoints and climb volcanoes then Canggu might not be your cup of tea. Digital nomads that like to surf, relax on the beach and eat great food from incredible restaurants every night of the week will love it here.

Danielle and I aren't ready to settle down so we found a month here to be too long. We were eager to get out and explore the waterfalls and other areas of Bali we'd heard so much about. Looking back a week or two would have been enough for us.


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