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It can be a daunting task trying poses as a couple, especially when there are other people around. Combining that with a ticking camera timer and two people trying to work in sync can be seriously tough! That's when arguments set in and nothing seems to work as you want. It's normal, and exactly what we were dealing with at first. After pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone we started forgetting about the onlookers. Once we broke through that barrier it opened up a whole new world. We could now see the funny side of running across the beach like Usain Bolt while trying to beat the camera timer.

It has always been worth it in the long run. Whenever we have taken our time and tried to execute an image we had in mind it has turned out better than we could have hoped for. This builds confidence and then these small issues started to fall apart.

If you're looking at ways you can improve your photos, or deal with these types of issues then check out our top tips below.

A couple can be seen embracing each other in the shallow water on the coast of a glorious beach. The sand looks pale and soft, while the water looks a fantastic shade of turquoise close to the shore. The small white waves are rolling against the sand which shows the water is calm and relaxing. The man is holding the woman up as they kiss and she has her legs wrapped around his waist as well as her arms around the back of his head. The beach is enclosed by a cliff on the right side which raises up high and is covered in greenery as it comes down to rocks that stretch out into the ocean. The sky looks blue with some white cloud overhead.
With a 10 second timer, this shot took some sprinting to make happen!


It's the first and biggest hurdle you'll likely come up against. It's difficult to overcome, but once you do that's the hardest part done! Everything becomes a walk in the park after this. I'm a great case study for how well this can go. A lot of my friends still don't believe it's me in the pictures, because of how unlikely I was to do anything like this! There's a freedom that comes when you stop caring about other people around you when taking pictures. It's liberating... give it a try.


If you're not enjoying yourself then it's not worth it. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don't want to do. All I would suggest is to give it a try first before writing it off.

The first step to take is always the hardest. After that, we realised how much fun it is when you're enjoying each other's company in your own little world. Our best photos have always come from the camera catching us both having fun and enjoying ourselves.


You've taken that first step and find yourselves having a great time, and reaping the rewards of amazing pictures. Eventually, the repetition of taking the same photos over and over will begin to get stale, so you have to shake things up a bit. Use your surroundings, and try anything that comes to mind. Some work, some don't...but keep trying. You'll surprise yourself with some amazing and unexpected photos by keeping it fresh and fun.


There are a few ways you can do this. You can set off with the intention of using a specific prop for photos or use what you find when you find it. We are moving around a lot right now, so props aren't something we are all that keen on carrying around. We simply try and use what we can when we find it. It doesn't have to be an object, but a fallen coconut or even a tree can be useful to add a little extra something to your pictures.

A couple are enjoy a coffee in a make-shift bed that has been put together  next to a window in order to gaze out at the pleasant scenes. The duvet and pillows have been taken off the bed and placed next to the window so the couple can cuddle as they drink their morning coffee and look out on the world. The man is sat to the back with the young woman laid with her back against him and he has his arms around her in a loving embrace. They are holding coffee cups as they look outside. Outside there are plants and trees that surround a luxurious looking swimming pool.
Coffee cups and duvet covers also make for great props


That terrible idea you had can end up being amazing, and what you thought was a guaranteed winner will be awful. It's strange how it all works out, but that's the way it goes. Things don't always look the way that you imagine them, so take more pictures than you need to cover yourself. We probably take 50-100 photos to get just 1 that we end up keeping. Multiply that by visiting 3 or 4 different places, and we can end up taking 400 pictures in a day! sometimes it works great and we end up with several great photos from the same place, but it's always good to take more than needed.


Going to well known and popular places for pictures is fine. There's usually a reason they're so popular after all! Going to the same location as thousands of other people does not mean you have to get the same picture as everyone else. Where's the fun in that? Why not add a spin to it? Maybe get a different angle instead?

We recently visited Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida and found ourselves standing in a queue waiting for the same picture as the hundreds of other people there that day. It hit me...why are we waiting to get the same picture as all these other people? We looked around for somewhere quieter and ended up going down some steps. As we went down more steps there were fewer and fewer people. Eventually, there wasn't anyone else there...but the view was amazing! By looking around a little we managed to find a hidden spot, got some incredible pictures and took all the time we wanted. Had we stayed where we were we would have likely been rushed into taking much worse photos.


Trying new things and going with the flow can help create a lot of unexpected content, which is great. That being said we always have our go-to poses in our back pocket that we use as a backup. They're perfect when you're not sure if you have 'the shot' yet. There are loads you can keep in your locker and pull out when you find yourself in a great location with little inspiration. Check out some simple options below.

A couple are looking out on the very popular and famous Kelingking beach, in Nusa Penida. The man is is baby blue shorts, a white vest and has short brown hair. He is stood to the back with his right hand on the hips of the woman stood just in front of him. The young woman is wearing a flowing white dress with her blonde hair cascading down her back. The are both turned away from the camera looking at the beach and cliffs ahead and below. The light blue water surrounding the white sand beach looks amazing and the large cliff overhead is covered in all kinds of greenery. The cliff is also known as the T-Rex cliff due to its shape. It stretches out and then has a curve around the end that looks similar to the shape of the famous dinosaur. The ocean stretches around the cliffs and out into the horizon.
Sometimes you have to look around for other spots when in popular places, we were glad we did!



It's like the little black dress for couples poses...perfect for all occasions. If you want a great photo with the two of you then look no further.

A man and woman are seen here stood side by side holding hands as they look at the waves coming in on this secluded beach. The beach looks to be almost inside a cave as there are rocks surrounding it on all sides and above. The light is only coming in on a strip just in front of the pair but the waves can be seen hitting the rocks ahead of them as they curve around and head towards the pair. The man is wearing black swim shorts and has short dark hair. The woman is in a black two piece bikini and they are standing with the mans right hand in the woman's left hand as they look out.
A simple pose is sometimes all you need


You can have a lot of fun with this one in different settings. Just make sure not to drop your better half!

A couple are locked in an embrace while standing in the ocean with the sunsetting in the background. The sunset is causing a silhouette affect, but the outline of the pair is still visible. They are standing in the ocean which comes up to their knees and the man is dipping the woman below as the pair appear to be close to kissing. The waves are rolling in the background with a small wave just behind them and then a larger wave in the distance. The sky is covered in orange due to the glorious sunset behind them.
We liked the fact that the sunset here made for a cool silhouette effect


It's a classic, and you can use it in so many different ways. Standing, sitting, laying down and picking the other one up...the list does go on. It's a good pose that you can easily get creative with too!

A man and woman are kissing in a beautiful setting. The woman is in front of the man while facing him and she is in a white polkadot dress. Her arms are up and around the back of the mans neck and she has her left foot raised as they kiss. The man is in a white shirt which is open and has beige shorts on. His right arm is around the woman's lower back and his left arm is by his side. They are in a tropic setting which is surrounded by trees and rocks which outline a swimming pool nearby and a villa can be seen in the distance.
There are a tonne of different ways you can kiss in a picture


Some of the expectation vs reality shots we got out of this pose are great!

a man and woman are seen in the shot as the stand on the shore of a beautiful beach while looking out into the vast ocean before them. the woman is on the mans back with her legs either side of his waist. The man is supporting the woman by holding her lower legs and she has her arms wrapped around his chest. He is wearing black swim shorts and she has a two-piece bikini on, which is brown on the bottom and white with a pattern on the top. The ocean before them is a range of blue which starts out clear and light and gets darker the further and depper the ocean gets. It ends all the way out on the horizon. It looks like a great beach day as the sun is shining and there are just a few clouds overhead.
This one is a lot of fun and the fail pictures are equally worth it!


Fatigue sets in on this one so you may only have a few takes, but it's always fun to try.

A man is holding a woman in a newlywed style pose as they walk towards a beautiful private villa. The man is wearing a white shirt with baby blue shorts and has the woman in his arms out in front of him. she is wearing an oversized white shirt that is draping down the mans arms and dangling beneath her. Her right arm is stretched out overhead in a celebration style pose as they walk the narrow path that leads down the side of their private pool to the villa. The villa looks luxurious and ahead and the pool is very inviting. Its a bright shade of light bue and is surrounded by all kinds of tropical plants and trees.
Always a fun one to try if the setting is right


Everything doesn't have to be serious all the time, and it shouldn't be if you're having fun. Say something funny or unexpected just before the picture is taken and see the results afterwards...It's always best when it's natural.

A man and woman are sitting and laughing as they perch on the side of a street. The woman is in a flowing white dress and has light brown sandals on. Her blonde hair is blowing in the wind and she has dark sunglasses with a gold necklace dangling down her chest. The man is in light blue shorts with a white t-shirt on, black flip flops and sun glasses on. The pair look to be having a fun time as they are laughing together as they sit in the sun. The man is looking towards the woman as she looks down to the ground. The street which they are sitting on is lined by a pink building with white skirting.
Unexpected moments can really produce some incredible natural results

There are a lot of options out there which lead to amazing photos. These are some that we keep on hand when we're not sure what else to try, but being spontaneous is the most fun! If something comes to mind never be afraid to try it.


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