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Better late than never! I should have written a whole host of blogs by this point, the pandemic put a spanner in the works. It’s almost a year to the day from when Danielle and I were supposed to set off on our first flight from Manchester to Singapore. The 5 days spent there would have no doubt been incredible! The Botanic Gardens were somewhere we were very eager to see. We still think about all the amazing food we would have eaten, and all the other incredible aspects of the first leg of our long-awaited journey. After Singapore, it was a flight to Bali for 6 weeks. Those blogs would have covered how difficult (but thrilling) it was to learn to surf, the amazing temples we’d visited and what it was like to see a Komodo dragon up close...but not too close!

The final stint was to Australia where we’d booked a camper van to drive from Cairns to Melbourne. There were several incredible stop-offs along the way that we were eager to see. Then we’d planned to set up longer-term in Melbourne for the next couple of years. These would have been a string of blogs I was eagerly awaiting to write, but the pandemic got in the way.

It's not all doom and gloom. I'm so happy that we finally get to set off on our adventure, even if it does differ somewhat. We board our first flight to Thailand in a few days, where we plan to stay for 2 months before making our way across to Indonesia.

A picturesque view of Votsalo beach in Crete, Greece. It's a quiet spot of the beach which you can see as there are no people around. The sand is quite rocky with lots of seashells, but there are patches of soft sand towards the back of the beach, which look incredibly inviting. The crystal clear blue water looks calm even though it's at the shore and there are some large rocks that can be seen standing alone as the water rolls above them. In the background you can see where this section of beach ends and is lined by giant rocks, which make the beach even more private. In the faint distance you can see large buildings within mainland Crete.
We're excited to see more incredible beaches like this one in Crete, it's a very quiet section of Votsalo Beach


We're Danielle and Matt, a couple from Manchester in the UK with a passion for all things travel. We've been together since 2015, and have managed to visit 14 countries so far. We did all of this while both working full-time jobs to support our travel addiction...you can see more on our About Us page.


We have quit our jobs, rented out our house, and are soon to be embarking on this crazy unknown adventure. It's something we have wanted to do for a very long time! To say we are excited is an understatement.


Until a week ago this has been an impossible question to answer. As you saw above the original plan was all laid out a little over a year ago. After giving up hope for a while, we recently resurrected things and decided to go to Bali for 6 months. We've learnt that plans too far in advance can often go awry, but we still have an ideal map in our heads. Next up would be Thailand and then Australia later down the line...obviously, things didn't go to plan again.

Straight after being granted a visa to Bali they went into lockdown. That meant our visa started being denied entry into the country and we needed a backup option. We wanted to make our way to South East Asia still, so Thailand looked to be a great option...and it's somewhere I love. After a few forms and some research, we made it all happen, and Thailand is now our first stop!

Within 7 days of deciding what we were going to do, we’d done everything. Our flights were booked, hotels applied for, visa approved, and a certificate of entry was granted...everything ran almost too smoothly. It was an admin heavy task, but we start our trip in Phuket for their "Sandbox programme" and then get to decide where within Thailand we head to afterwards.

A young couple with big smiles looking into into the camera while holding glasses of white wine. The man has dark brown hair, tanned skin and face stubble with a white shirt that has the top few buttons undone. He is holding his wine in his right hand which shows a black leather watch on his wrist. The woman has a mix of light brown and blonde hair that has a wave to it and comes down to chest height with tanned skin, gold earrings with small hoops and she is holding her wine glass by the stem with her fingers showing a gold ring on her thumb. They look very happy together as they smile and pose for the camera. in the background there are some steps which they appear to be sat on and some chairs which indicate they're at a restaurant
Cheers to our biggest, longest and best adventure yet


This deserves its own post because there is a lot to unravel there. It may not be as exciting as writing about all the amazing things we’ve managed to do and see, but it’s still incredibly important. At times we felt like our dream was never going to become a reality. We had so many obstacles in our way but managed to work through it all and find the solutions we needed.

Here you can see the process we went through to get our Visa for Thailand. Along this journey, we will be sharing all the tips and tricks we've learnt along the way, as well as the amazing things we've done and seen. If you have any experience of doing anything similar or have any questions, then let us know! We will always aim to help provide any answers we can in future blog posts.


To see how we're getting on throughout Thailand so far check out our blogs on Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Pha-Ngan and Koh Tao.

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