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Danielle and I started with a simple goal 4 years ago...save enough money to travel for as long as possible. We've been together for several years and discovered our mutual love of travel during our very first trip together. That was a city break to Prague in 2016. Since then our love of travel is something that has remained constant throughout our relationship. That first trip led to holidays, city breaks and recently the adventure of travelling full-time.

Now we are living out of backpacks, it is more important than ever for us to spend our money wisely. Here are some tips we've found which have helped us so far.

A man and woman can be seen in the centre of the image. The man is on the left with the woman on the right and they are both holding hands while looking out as the ocean crashes against rocks nearby. The man is wearing beige shorts and has short brown hair. The woman has a white t-shirt on with light blue denim shorts. They are standing on some rock formations looking out at the ocean. The tide isn't coming up over the rovcks but the waves are crashing and the white water can be seen splashing high just above them. The ocean looks vast beyond the rocks nearby and there are clouds in the sky, with some blue sky dotted just to the left of the image. The pair have their backs to the camera. .
We are always looking at ways we can make this trip of ours last as long as possible


We wrote about this previously in our blog on saving money to travel, and it's still something we use now. The last thing we want is to live too lavishly early on and end up running out of money too quickly. No one wants to find themselves counting pennies to buy packet noodles to survive!

We have separate budgets for food, accommodation and activities to make sure we don't overindulge and cut our trip short. There are particular experiences we can't offset, such as the PADI courses in Koh Tao recently. We are here to experience life after all, so it's okay to dip into savings for one-off wonders. Just don't keep dipping in to eat out at fancy restaurants every night.

If you could use a helping hand when it comes to budgeting then check out our handy guide here.


It all adds up when you combine ATM, transaction and exchange charges. That's money that could be much better spent elsewhere, so make sure to think about which bank you use. Monzo is good for paying by card when abroad, but not so great for taking physical cash out of ATMs. Their £500 monthly withdrawal limit would have cost us a great deal in Indonesia where we relied heavily on cash. We chose Starling instead, which has no charges for transactions, exchanges or cash withdrawals. We've heard that Revolut is also a good option, but we haven't used them personally.

A man and woman are sitting admiring a spectacular view of a beach below while sitting on some cliffs above. The man on the left has black shorts on and has his hand placed on the small of the womans back to his right. She is wearing a black bikini with her blonde hair in a low bun. The cliffs that the pair are sitting on stretch out and surround the remote beach, and they are covered in grass, plants and trees. The beach below has some rocks ahead but it looks very remote and no one else seems to be on the cliffs or the beach below. The water looks an incredibly enticing blue and you can see the dark blue sections where the coral sits under the water just off the shore. the sky looks clear blue with just a faint cloud seen in the distance.
Spending a little bit of time planning your route can help save a lot in the long run


Travel within your means. That doesn't mean you can't get away, but think about where you want to go to. Some countries are more expensive than others, so don't overextend yourself or get into debt to visit somewhere. Instead of Paris check out Lisbon, instead of Santorini try Crete. It might be a bit different, but there are cheaper places out there which are incredible to visit. If you have your heart set on visiting somewhere outside of your price range, then reduce the number of days you stay there.

If you're travelling long-term then you can also think tactically about the order in which you do things. We flew to South East Asia first, before heading to Australia. This meant we could live for a lot cheaper at first while we made efforts to become more self-sustaining. Then when we get to Australia, and things are much more expensive, we will have some income from remote work. Everything we do is to give us the best chance of travelling for as long as possible.


When you know where you want to go you can start thinking about the things you want to do when you get there. I regretted not getting my PADI qualification when I was in Thailand previously, so now was my chance again! Koh Tao is known as one of the cheapest places in the world to get this qualification. Rather than get it in England, or wait until we get to Australia I made sure we had enough time to do these courses in Thailand. Save somewhere like Australia for the things you can only do or find in Australia!

This image is of a woman underwater scuba diving and she looks to be having a great time. She has blode hair that is tied back with just a single part of her fringe floating above in the water. She has all her scuba gear on with her mask on her face, regulator in her mouth and BCD inflatable vest all black. She is looking directly at the camera and he hands are in front and either side of her face with her middle three fingers closed and he thumb and pinky out in a surf style gesture. The shadow of a boat can be seen overhead. Everything else is blue bar the surface of the water which you can see slight waves ahead.
While we may be frugal with our money, we don't let that hinder our experiences


You'd be surprised by how much you can save by eating vegetarian more often. Even in some of the most remote places we've been we have found everywhere has vegetarian options...and they're usually the cheapest thing on the menu. If you're a long-standing meat-eater (like I was) then start eating veggie a few times a week at first. Not only will it help save money, but it's much better for the environment too!


The best way to maximise your savings is to dip into them as little as possible. While this is something much easier said than done, it is still achievable for anyone. As a couple currently travelling the world we aim to use our savings as little as possible. So far we have managed to generate multiple revenue streams which help support our lifestyle and keep us out of our savings. Our day-to-day living is covered by working remotely as freelancers, renting a property back home out and various opportunities that come from growing our @couplesquest_ Instagram account. Our savings are reserved for particular activities and trips we want to do while we are out here.

Here a man is sat on a very large swing that looks to swing outwards into the jungle. the rope that holds the swing up are attached to some large pillars all covered in plants. The man has his back to us as he swings outwards and is wearing a white vest. He is at the end of his swing and in front of him is a glorious green rice paddy surrounded by plants and large trees. Overhead there are some clouds but the blue sky is also present as the sun shines down on everything below.
If you want to live this life full-time then be prepared to put in some work!


There are more ways than I can count for anyone to make money on the move. I covered some here, but there are still a tonne more you can look into. With some time and effort, you can start to build something that can make you more money or even replace your current income. With so much choice out there I am certain that there is a money-making method that suits everyone. Some things like dropshipping require a little start-up money, whereas picking up freelance work off Fiverr or UpWork doesn't.

It's all down to you.


For more money-saving tips check out our blogs on saving money to travel, travelling sustainably and saving money on flights.

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