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Koh Tao is a small island compared to Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan, but that doesn't stop it from being home to some unbelievable cafes and restaurants. With the help of some locals, we were able to try all sorts of mouthwatering food! The whole island was in lockdown just 2 days before we arrived, so we are glad we got to eat at these incredible places. Here are all the recommendations we can provide if you're able to make your way to this amazing island.


This was our favourite breakfast and lunch spot. If you enjoy eating great food on the beach, while looking out at the ocean, then this is for you. Everything we tried was excellent. The divers wrap is a standout and is perfect to take on the boat with you if you're going scuba diving for the day. The big veggie breakfast was very good and the cheesecake was to die for! The owners are friendly and the whole place has a brilliant relaxed environment only made better by incredible well-priced food.


Another breakfast and lunch spot near the pier which again is great value for money. They do take away offers on sandwiches, which would be perfect for diving trips. You can get anything from a large breakfast to simple eggs on toast, and everything in between. It's the only place in Thailand where we found bagels, which was a nice unexpected surprise. It's a family-run cafe with friendly staff...you can't go wrong regardless of what you order here.

This image shows a young woman stood on a beach while looking away from the camera, and out towards the ocean. She is standing in a white bikini with and has very tanned skin with her dark blonde hair running down to the middle of her back. She is standing on a rocky section of the beach which spreads out in front of her around 10meters before it meets the ocean. She looks to be standing on a a curved section of the beach which spreads out the her left and right, and is surrounded by the ocean. There are small rocks that line the shore and the water is clear enough to see the rocks that scatter all along the bottom of the sea. Above her head hangs the branch of a tree with leaves dangling down. It's catshing a shadow on the ground that ends right at the lady's feet. Out in the ocean you can see a long tail boat anchored down and floating on the calm ocean waters. The beach curves round and runs out of shot before coming back into the frame on the left around the middle of the image in the background. The sand on the beach meets trees and plants in the distance and there are houses that start on the beach front and move up into the hills where the island ends. The ocean then stretches out all the way to the horizon. The sky is very clear with only the faint sign of a single cloud.
We were glad we filled up on a fantastic breakfast before exploring this incredible beach


We loved this place so much, and not just for the cheap beers! It's a bunch of bamboo shacks located a few minutes from the pier. Their signature dish is a hot pot which is served on top of a live flame and you then add the meat or vegetables you want to the broth. They sometimes have live music playing, which can attract a few locals and lead to a great night. It's a chilled out place and everyone is incredibly friendly. You are guaranteed a fun night!


This cafe is a bit more inland but worth the trip. They do one of the best smoothie bowls you're likely to find in all of Thailand, which we don't say lightly. We always saw locals here which is a great sign of any bar or restaurant. You always know you've stumbled upon somewhere special when that's the case.

A young man can be seen standing on some rocks wearing only black swim shorts. He has his back to the camera and looks to be walking out towards the sea and the edge of the island. He has his left arm raised towards his head likely after wiping the sweat from his brow as the sun beams down on him. The rocks he is standing on are the edge of the beach where the send has ended and it meets the rock. A bush can be seen behind him to the right and rocks are seen either side. Some bamboo poles are straight ahead which look to provide a route across the rocky terrane the leads to the islands edge. After this it is the ocean which is calm and various shades of blue depending on the depth. More rocks are dotted in the ocea just ahead of the man and in the distance on the horizon you can see the silhouette of another island. The sky is blue with a few faint clouds and the sun is beaming down on everything below it.
This time it was me doing the exploring


This was one of the first places we saw on trip advisor, and it was mentioned to us a lot. It's no hidden gem, but that's for a very good reason...incredible food at even better prices. The local pooch makes sure to keep all other dogs that roam through in check, so you can sit back and enjoy the great food. If you want great food on a shoestring budget then this will likely be a mainstay for you.


This place is incredible and they've found a great tactic by offering discount meals on set days. We went for the Sunday deal, which is an all you can eat French breakfast for 200THB per person, and runs from 8 am-10 am. While it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. You get unlimited coffee, pastries, fruit, eggs and deli meats for 2hrs. We went diving after finishing the breakfast which probably wasn't the wisest choice, but one we didn't regret at least it fueled us for the dives. Some other deals they run include a pizza, roast chicken and vegetarian days and the prices range from 100THB to 200THB. Remember to put your name on the list the day before!


If you're looking for some Western food to mix things up then this is a great pizza place, and when we visited they ran deals on 100THB pizzas. It's one of the best pizzas on the island, and is amazing after a long day diving! If you're an Italian visiting the island looking for some home comfort then you might feel a little letdown. Anyone that's been away from home for long enough will certainly welcome it with open arms!

This image has been taken looking directly down on some food which has all been laid out on a bed sheet. At the top right you can see a whole pizza still in the box. It's a cheese pizza with herbs sprinkled around the top and it has been cooked well to a lovely golden brown colour. The pizza is laid in the pizza box and has been divided up into sections. In the bottom left corner of the box there is a small dipping box of tomato sauce. below the pizza box lies another box but this time it is full of delicious looking french fries. The small square box is half full of the fries and they also look to be a lovely golden brown and well seasoned. TOwards the left of the image there is a ladies hand stretching out and holding a large bottle of beer. It is a large Chang, which are found in Thailand, and it has full.
Pizza, fries and a beer in bed was an ideal way to finish a day full of diving

We would take any reason to go back to Koh Tao because it's such an incredible place. With more open on the island, we can't wait to head back and try even more incredible food...as well as all of these again obviously!


For anyone looking to explore Koh Tao, you can see our travel guide here. We have also got more food guides for Koh Samui and Phuket.

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