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Koh Samui is back open again! The incredible island has adopted the same approach as Phuket and has been reopened for travellers under the sandbox scheme. Danielle and I did our Sandbox in Phuket but would have likely opted for Koh Samui had we had the chance. During our time on this beautiful island, we have found there are some incredible things to do and see. It may not be back to what it once was, but it should absolutely be on your bucket list. Here is everything you need to tick off once you come to Koh Samui:


This is undoubtedly the most impressive view we saw on Koh Samui. It took us a little while to find, as we initially went to Na Muang waterfall #1. Both are impressive, but there is a clear winner if you're on a tight schedule and have to decide between the two. Waterfall #1 costs 20THB to park up, and then it's a short 50m walk or so before you're there. It's great for some pictures, but make sure you save all the time you need for waterfall #2. We left and headed back the way we came and made our way to the main attraction. After following Google maps for a while we reached a crossroads and a local woman beaconed us down the slope to park up. She told us the waterfall was beautiful today and to simply follow the arrows along the path.

We trekked for about 20minutes uphill and through some awkward terrain. When we finally arrived...WOW! What a sight! We stayed for about an hour simply taking in the sights, rehydrating and taking a much-needed rest. After a while, we started making our way back down and stopped at a smaller waterfall for a swim and a welcomed opportunity to freshen up.

A man and woman set side by side on some rocks as they gaze out an incredible view overlooking a bast forrest, The man is sat to the right with his left arm around the back of the young woman to his side. He has short brown hair, tanned skin and is wearing a dark blue vest with white writing on the back. The young woman to his left is in a multicoloured bikini which has a green leaf pattern on a background of a pink coral colour. She is sat with her long blonde hair flowing down her back and her neck angled to her right as he leans it on the man beside her. They are both sat taking in the breathtaking view with their backs to the camera. The rocks they are sat on are a light grey with patches of grass gorwing on them. On the couples left is a towering array of trees that reach up with long thin leaves which dangle downwards The pair are very high up as they look down on the jungle like forrest beneath them with all varieties of trees and greenery available in this part of the world. The land stretches out to another mountain on the opposite side of the valley which is also covered in greenery. The ocean can be seen faintly in the distance and the sky is has large white clouds in it however the sun is still able to shine through on all below.
Sights like this make the journey more than worthwhile


Both of these are very close to each other, so ideally I'd suggest seeing them one after the other. If we had to select one then Overlap Stone is a definite must-see while you're in Koh Samui.

Under normal circumstances, you would find huge lines of tourists waiting to view this incredible vantage point. With the island being quieter than usual Danielle and I were granted a unique opportunity to take our time here. We had the entire place to ourselves so took our time, admired the incredible scenes and got to take all the pictures we wanted. The road up is very steep, so be careful, and you have to park at what looks like someone's house. There was a collection box asking for 40THB to park, so we paid that and made our way up the short trek from there. There's an additional 50THB per person fee at the top to get access to the stone as well. The bridge to overlap stone is daunting, but just keep a sure footing and you'll be fine.

A woman is sitting at the foot of a bridge high up in the mountains, which leads across to a large mountain with a huge rock placed perfectly on the small section of mountain which resembles an island out at sea. The woman is sat facing away from the camera in a white dress with black polkadots and a belt tied around her waist. She has long blonde hair that flows down her back as she gazes at the natural phenomenon. The bridge looks old and not very stable as it stretches out to the small section of mountain where the large stone sits. The jungle is seen below as it covers the land all the way out to the vast blue ocean.
Danielle enjoyed taking in the amazing sights at overlap stone

After making our way back down we stopped at Wat Ratchathammaram, which is very close by. It's a small stop but a beautiful one nonetheless. As with all temples in Thailand, you need to be moderately dressed to enter, which means your knees and shoulders are covered. We stayed outside and took some pictures. It's a unique and beautiful temple due to the orange colour of the stone, and well worth a visit. It's free to see and a nice way to cap off the incredible views.

A couple can be seen here exploring a bright red temple in Koh Samui, Thailand. The man is in front of the woman as he leads her through some pillars along the image. He is wearing black flip flops, baby blue shorts and a white vest. He is holding the womans hand and looking back at her as they explore the temple together. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a white dress as she looks forward towards him. The temple around them is a Buddhist temple and you can see images sculpted into the side of the temple.
Exploring this temple together was incredible

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This is the best beach we visited during our time in Thailand. The soft powdered white sands and beautiful blue water look unbelievably enticing. While it's quiet it's a perfect opportunity to live out any fantasy you may have about being on your own private beach. After placing down our beach towels and taking in the incredible views a local walked over to sell bracelets etc. They painted a picture of this beach before the pandemic and it was like night and day! They were very grateful for us being there and hoped it meant more tourists would return soon.

A couple look to be having fun together on a spectacular beach. The young woman is sat on the young mans back with her legs tucked around his sides and her arms across his chest. He is holding her up by her thights as they both face towards the camera while smiling and laughing. You can just see the white sands on the beach which fade into the calm and crystal clear blue water. The white sound looks almost like powder as it sits being washed over by the ocean. The water starts off completely transparent and changes colour the further out you look ranging from light blue all the way to deep dark blue out on the horizon, where it meets the clear blue skies which show only the faintest sight of cloud. The man is standing towards the camera with black swim shorts on, tanned skin, short dark brown hair and black sunglasses on. His left arm which is tucked behind him propping up the young woman shows a tattoo on his shoulder of a complex pattern resembling some sort of compass. The young woman has long blonde hair that drapes down the sides of her face and down her back. She has jumped on the mans back and has her arms drapped around his chest. She is wearing a dark brown bikini and black sunglasses
We had an amazing time swimming, sunbathing and relaxing on Chaweng Beach!


This is by far the liveliest area in Koh Samui right now! There are a whole host of bars and restaurants to choose from. We came to this part of the island to visit Aroy Dee initially, a small family-run restaurant that served great local food. Afterwards, we walked past Coco Tams and hadn't seen anywhere that full in a long, long time! The Fisherman's village is the place to be if you're looking for good food and nightlife in Koh Samui.


Hin Ta Hin Yai is a great venture out, easy to reach with a scooter or taxi and offers some incredibly scenic views for great pictures. There's a small section of beach, but also other slightly hidden lagoons to explore. If you enjoy snorkelling like us then there are some great rock formations just off the beach that you can swim around. Silver Beach is very close by so coupling these two together on a day trip makes for a fantastic day!

This is a spectacular image of a lagoon with clear blue waters being surrounded by rocks covered in trees on all sides. A young blonde woman can be seen in the centre of the lagoon laying on her back with her legs straight out in front of her and her head poking above the water. The water surrounding her is crystal clear which means you can see the rocks dotted around her in the water from left to right. the large rocks surrounding the lagoon start lower on the left side and get higher and higher as they encircle the lagoon until they reach their peak in the centre of the image where the trees are also at their highest. From here they drop down again to a low point finishing on the right side of the image. The sun is just out of shot on the left side but the light rays can be seen shining across the centre rocks. The sky is clear blue making it a beautiful day for this woman to have found a gorgeous lagoon to take a swim in.
This hidden lagoon was so enticing that Danielle had to go for a dip


Life has been hard for everyone over the last 18+months with lockdowns and various restrictions. Money still comes out on food, bills, rent etc. and it's meant a great deal of hardship for a lot of people. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have closed because of this. You wouldn't tell there's been this sort of difficulty by speaking to most Thai people here. The genuine happiness you see when visiting their restaurant, hotel or bar is amazing to see. It's clear that seeing people like Danielle and I return is a sign of hope for them, that things will soon be back to how they used to be. We certainly hope this is the case too!

The best thing for the island right now is for people to visit, eat, drink and have an amazing time to help it get back on its feet.


If you're in Koh Samui looking at places you can eat then check out our food guide for the island here. We also have tour guides for Koh Pha-Ngan and Koh Tao for anyone looking to explore more islands in The Gulf of Thailand.

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