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During our time in Koh Samui, we ate at some incredible places and wanted to share our favourites here. There are undoubtedly more incredible places. This is simply an overview of the best food we had while on the island, and what we would recommend to anyone visiting.


This was hands down the winner in our eyes, and unquestionably the best Thai food we've had in Thailand! A bold statement we know. It was somewhere mentioned to us by another travelling couple who had been staying in Koh Samui for a few months. After pulling up we questioned whether we were in the right place, but it seemed like we were. This place is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover. The second we entered we were greeted by the friendly owners

Once we'd ordered they began chopping fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch, which was a great sign. I had a tofu version of Thai Chicken with basil, and Danielle had a sweet and sour tofu dish. The first bite confirmed it, this place was amazing! Not only was the food great, but we met some of the regulars here who were all so warm and hospitable. This bill came and it was 120THB for everything, which is amazing value. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Koh Samui, and rest assured we will be back!

Here is a group of people all together posing and smiling for a photograph. There 8 people in total in the image and ranging nationalities from Asian to European. Starting at the bottom right is a man young white man wearing a black t-shirt and dark navy blue shorts with black flip flops on and short curly brown hair. He is sat on the end of a table with one leg hanging down the side and his right leg stabilising him on the floor. Behind him is a young white woman who has her left hand placed around the young white mans back and her hand on his shoulder. The woman is smiling and has her blonde hair tied back. She has a white t-shirt on. To her left is an Asian woman with mid length straight black hair and she is smiling for the picture. she has her left hand placed on around the back of the white woman with her hand seen just around the shoulder of the young white woman. Ever so slightly in front of the Asian woman is another Asian w oman with a big smile and her long back hair tied back in a ponytail. She has a white t-shirt on with a circular pattern on the front. She is leaning across as she leans slightly infront of the Asian woman with her arm across the white woman's legs. In front of, but to the left of this is an Asian man holding an Asian child in his arms. The Asian man has mid length straight black hair and he can be seen wearing a red Manchester United shirt with a face mask tucked under his chin and an apron hanging down. He is standing wearing dark flip flops. The child in his arms is wearing a light yellow t-shirt and holding a yellow and red striped lolly pop in his left hand as he looks towards the camera. He has blue trousers on and yellow flip flops. Behind all of these people stands a tall white man with a big smile and grey hair. He has a blue and grey striped t-shirt on. At the back looking in is an elderly Asian man with short hair and a face mask under his chin. He has a dark blue t-shirt on as he manages to stand up to get involved in the photograph where everyone seems to be having great fun. The picture is taken in a simple restaurant with some tables scattered around and fans seen overhead.
This place guarantees great company as well as incredible food


We found Aroy Dee early on our trip when we took a scooter ride out to Fisherman's Village. I hoped to find somewhere we could watch the Man United game that also served food. The Fisherman's Village has been, without a doubt, the busiest place we've seen outside of Bangkok in Thailand. We walked along and spotted a few places and then I noticed Aroy Dee. A man stood near the sign with all their meals on and explained the curry was their best dish, which his wife makes herself every day. It sounded like the exact type of place we love so went right in. I had the Penang Curry and Danielle had the massaman both with tofu and rice. It was great food from a local family, and the service was excellent.


We found this after getting cravings for some avocado on toast. The food was very good, and there were some very appetising cakes on display too. Considering it's not a local dish, the avocado toast with eggs was a steal at around 150THB each.

This image is a picture of a plate of food taken looking directly down in a birds eye view style. The white plate is sat on a thin grey table mat next to a clear glass on a brown table. The plate contains two pieces of toast with avocado on each, with either topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg. There are some spices covering the egg which look like paprika and chilli. The eggs and toast take up half of the plate with the other half covered in a salad consisting of leaves, tomatoes and onion. There is a dark dressing that looks like balsamic vinegar lightly drizzled over the salad. The dish looks very appetising and like a great healthy but tasty breakfast.
This helped with the avocado cravings!


Cafe Uno was our saviour! When first arriving in Koh Samui we stayed in the Chaweng district, which was predominantly a tourist area. With the island just getting back on its feet this part was still very much in recovery. Thankfully this was around to feed us in the mornings? The breakfast bundle is very good value and comes with a meal, coffee and juice.


We noted this market while on our way to Fisherman's Village one evening, as it was very busy. We walked around to see what food was on offer and stopped at a sushi stand. I was sceptical about eating cheap roadside sushi, but we could see it all being made fresh in the background so we decided to give it a try. It was amazing! We couldn't believe how good it tasted and we got 15 pieces for 100THB. There's nowhere else you can find value quite like it.

Here is a sushi street food stall. There are a range of variations of sushi covering the table all laid out in horizontal lines. There are two tiers to the stall with smaller rolls on the bottom which have a card above them with a number 5, and then the higher tier shows larger pieces of Nigiri with a number card 10 above them. The 5 and 10 cards are indication the price of each piece in Thai Baht. There are around 20 different types of sushi on display in total and all look incredibly delicious
Never judge a book by its cover...this sushi was amazing!


We stumbled across this cafe when looking for somewhere to have breakfast before spending the day hiking through the jungle to viewpoints and waterfalls. Coffee is their speciality, and it's the best you'll find on the island by far. It's the best coffee you'll have in Thailand! The lovely host greets you as soon as you walk in, and if you're lucky you'll see her immaculately groomed dog pottering around.


We visited The Fish because we found some good reviews online and thought we'd check it out. The most surprising thing about the entire experience here was finding out they specialise in Mexican food...we didn't expect that! We got Pad Thai and a basil tofu dish, which tasted great and was reasonably priced.

With more and more places opening in Thailand, and Koh Samui, there are definitely some other amazing places we didn't get to try. It's an island we love and we can't wait to come back and try all the other incredible places too!


For anyone looking to explore Koh Samui, you can see our travel guide here. We've also got more food guides for Phuket and Koh Tao.

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