Bali is a breathtaking island, which rightfully sits high on people's bucket lists. With so much to do and see it can be overwhelming trying to fit everything into a tight schedule. Since we've spent plenty of time exploring Bali and the other nearby islands we've put together our ideal itineraries to maximise your stays.

It is tough picking and choosing what to include here and what to miss out on, but we've tried our best. Here's your definitive holiday guide.


First things first, we opted to rent a scooter to make it easier to get around. If you're comfortable on two wheels, feel free to do the same. For anyone else, you can use Grab or Gojek easily enough. They're the Uber equivalent for this side of the world, so download their apps and they'll get you from A to B easily enough. If you're hitting up a few places in one day you can also hire a driver, it's way cheaper than you'd think!

What to see when you finally make that long-awaited trip to Bali? Here is our ideal itinerary to ensure you see all the best spots on offer.


Day 1 - 4: Uluwatu - Only 1hr from the airport, Uluwatu is your ideal starting point. This is where the best beaches are and It's one of our favourite places in Bali. Melasti, Nyang Nyang and Padang beaches are a must! Check out our Uluwatu blog for more great beaches, viewpoints and where to eat.

Day 5 - 7: Canggu - This one is for the foodies and those looking for a party. There is a tonne of great food spots and bars all ready to welcome you and give you a great night. You can see some great food locations and what to do in our Canggu blog.

Day 8 - 10: Ubud - The heart of Bali. This is where you get to explore the jungle, rice fields and waterfalls that you've been dreaming of! If we had to pick between them then our top 3 waterfalls here would be Kanto Lampo, Leke Leke and Sumampan. For other ideas on what to do and where to eat you can check out our Ubud blog.

Day 11 - 12: Sidemen or Munduk - If you're tight on time then you will have to pick between them. Munduk is higher in the mountains which means better views, but also lower temperatures. For ideas on what to do when you get to either of these then you can check out our blog on both here.

Day 13 - 14: Nusa Dua - Make sure to stop off at the beach one last time for some rest before flying home. You'll have certainly earned it over these two weeks! You'll be sad to leave this beautiful island, but you'll be flying home with some incredible memories.




If time is still on your side then you cannot miss out on visiting the Nusa Islands. A week here would give you the time to explore all that these three islands have to offer.

Day 15 - 18: Nusa Penida - Arriving on this magnificent island will give you Jurassic Park vibes as the boat pulls up. It's a beautiful place full of incredible beaches and spectacular views. Some of the top spots are Kellingking beach, Diamond Beach, Rumah Pohon viewpoint and Peguyangan waterfall.

Day 19 - 21: Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan - These islands are smaller and connected by a big yellow bridge so it doesn't matter which island you stay on. Lembongan has a bit more going on, but both are great to drive around. You can check out our top places to visit on our tour guide for all 3 islands. Highlights on these islands are the devil's tears and mangrove forest on Lembongan, and then the blue lagoon on Ceningan.


Anyone fortunate enough to spend a month over this part of the world is in for a real treat now! This is where you set sail again and experience a real island paradise.

Day 22 - 25: Gili Trawangan - The party island! It's time to party island style and cut loose after all that exploration. You could easily spend whole weeks here walking around the beautiful beaches and laidback bars drinking cocktails and coconuts. It's a small island, but one that packs a punch! I would put highlights down but it's a small island that you can walk around with relative ease, so just get out and explore! You will love your time in Trawangan.

Day 26 - 28: Gili Air & Gili Meno - These are even smaller than Gili Trawangan so a day on each is enough. The only thing you have to do is snorkel the underwater statues off Gili Meno. Other than that simply spend your remaining days here relaxing and enjoying the peaceful island vibes.

There you have it! Our ideal 2-week itinerary with a third and fourth week thrown in if you're fortunate enough to accommodate it. If you have plans to visit Bali soon then we know you will absolutely love it... we certainly did and can't wait to come back!


If you're visiting Bali then make sure to check out our other blogs on Uluwatu, Ubud, Sidemen & Munduk.

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