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Dust off your suitcase, find that passport and pack those bags…Bali is once again open to the world! It's a dream destination that often sits in one of the top spots on people’s bucket lists. Holidaymakers, honeymooners, beach-bums, adventure seekers, backpackers and all other manners of travellers have been sitting eagerly awaiting this very moment. It is no wonder when you see all the natural beauty and glorious sights Bali has to offer.

With visa on arrival here again and no need to quarantine, it's safe to say...Bali is back!

A young couple are seen here relaxing on a beautiful white sand beach, with what looks like very little or no other people around. The picture is taken to show the length of the beach behind the pair as they lay side on to the camera. The water looks blue with some white waves washing up on the shoreline, and in the background you can see the luscious green cliffs that wrap around the peaceful beach. The woman is closest to the camera and she is laying on her front in a light one piece bikini which exposes a lot of her back, and her long blode hair is flowing down her shoulders. She is laying on the arm of the man beside her, and as he lays on his back with dark black shorts on, sun glasses and he has short dark hair. He has his right knee up with the sole of his right foot placed against the sand and his right arm placed around his neck propping him up slightly. They look very peaceful as they lay in the sun, with very few light clouds in the sky and lots of blue.
Relaxing on one of our favourite beaches in Uluwatu, Nyang Nyang beach.


It's an incredible island full of beautiful beaches, mountains, jungle, rice paddies, waterfalls and some of the best scuba diving or snorkelling you can find in the world. You should be jumping at the chance to book your flights to Bali...we should know, we spent 6 months there! Here's a little more to get you excited about that flight, and what hoops you need to jump through to get here too.


Looking to sit on the beach drinking cocktails and coconuts for weeks on end? Sit back and let the sun bronze your skin, then take a dip in the crystal clear blue waters to cool off. Uluwatu is the place to be if you want to explore beach after beach...some even rival the famous Gold Coast of Australia!

Love a beach, but don't want to sit around all day? No problem. There’s incredible surfing in Uluwatu or Canggu that will keep you occupied. You can scuba dive or snorkel in a bunch of dive schools and centres that will take you to see huge schools of fish, and coral reefs that stretch on for as far as you can see. There is even an old sunken US WW2 ship sitting just off the coast in Amed that you can dive to see, which we would recommend in a heartbeat! It’s probably the best dive we have ever done.


Maybe you're more of an adventurer and you want to trek through jungles, up volcanoes and to viewpoints that overlook tropical terrains? Ubud is your stop! Sitting centrally on the island you can easily visit some of the best waterfalls you’re likely to find in a lifetime.

Munduk and Sidemen are easy to get to from here. The mountain roads there are incredibly fun to drive around and are home to some of the best views. Once you’ve trekked those jungles and showered in the waterfalls you can always book a trip to climb Mt. Batur...or Agung if you're brave enough. Both are active volcanoes that provide one hell of an experience.

A young couple can be seen here sitting with their back to the camera while sitting on a cliff edge. The drop is far down to the white water crashing against the rocks, and the cliffs themselves are covered in greenery. The woman is on the left side of the man and she is wearing a black and white spotted dress with an open back and her long blonde hair falling down to the middle of her back. Her legs are dangling off the cliff edge as she sits with her body turned towards the young man and they are kissing. The man has his left arm behind and to the side of him supporting him as he leans in to kiss the woman. He has a dark vest on, short brown hair and a tattoo on his left shoulder. The sky is clear blue with very little cloud and the water below looks rough, but beautiful.
Admiring some of the incredible views, this same spot makes for an amazing sunset


It doesn't matter where you visit in Bali, one thing is a certainty. You will find incredible food very easily. Balinese food is delicious, but they have also mastered a lot of global cuisines too. We never struggled to find amazing pasta or pizza and the sushi is excellent and cheap.

Whatever you fancy, Bali has you covered.


While not part of mainland Bali, it is still classed as such. These islands are more than worthwhile visiting. If you want a blast from a very distant past then Nusa Penida should be on your bucket list. You'll feel like you're arriving in Jurassic Park when the boat pulls up.

It's not for the faint-hearted as a lot of the must-see things here are difficult to get to. Hour-long treks down cliffs are pretty standard but come with incredibly high rewards. You can still see amazing views easily from the top if the treks arent for you.

If you want to bathe in the natural pools while watching the waves crash against rocks right in front of you then you have to make the trip down.

This incredible image is a young couple sitting and standing on some steps, which lead up to a secluded and quaint treehouse style bungalow. This simple place has one of the best views around as it looks out, from on high, at the incredible ocean, beaches and rocks and cliffs below. The woman is standing on the steps a few steps below where the man is sitting and she is wearing a flowing white dress with her blonde hair cascading down her back. Her left hand is placed on the mans right hand as he sits above her with dark blue shorts on and a white t-shirt. They are looking away from the camera, out at the beautiful scenery. The treehouse looks like it has seen better days, but the view more than makes up for that It has a straw roof and the wood looks a little old. The view before them has everything from beautiful blue waters, to a white sand beach and large rock formations covered in trees and plants.
It's not all long treks, and the views from the top are all incredible

If you're itching to come and experience all this island has to offer, here's everything you need to know.


It’s exactly what the name suggests, a visa that you can obtain once you reach Indonesia. It lasts 30 days, can be extended by an additional 30 days maximum and is the cheapest visa option available at £30. It is valid for 23 qualifying countries which you can check here.


If you want to visit Bali then there are a few options available, and here are some simple steps on how you can make the trip:

  • 1: Get vaccinated! The removal of quarantine is in effect for vaccinated travellers, who have a vaccine certificate with a minimum of 2 vaccine shots recorded. The last shot must have been taken at least 14 days before arrival.

  • 2: Book your flight, hotel and travel insurance. Insurance must cover Covid with a minimum coverage value of $15,000. We use Coverwise, they tick all the boxes and it was a great price. Make sure you have 3 nights booked after arrival at a government certified hotel (CHSE).

  • 3: Show a negative PCR test taken no longer than 48hrs before departure time to Indonesia.

  • 4: Download the pedulilindungi mobile app and fill out the Indonesian e-HAC

  • 5: Keep a watchful eye on the latest regulations as these are subject to change from week to week, and always check all information with official government sources.

  • 6: Sit on the beach drinking cocktails, climb volcanoes and trek through the jungle…whatever your heart desires!


Anyone wanting to arrange a visa before entering Indonesia can do so, and there are a few options available. We recommend going through a visa agent, as they take away a lot of the stress and complications. Our visa agent has been Bali Business Consulting, and they were great every step of the way. If you want to simply get here, and then deal with staying longer afterwards, there are onshore visa options for when your visa on arrival expires too.

A young couple are seen here enjoying some time in a pool that overlooks some incredible views of the rice paddies and jungle in Sidemen, Bali. The man is standing in waist high water with his torso exposed and his body is pressed up against the woman in front of him. She is sat on the edge of the pool in a black two piece bikini and is embracing the young man as they both look out and admire the view. The pool looks inviting as it is blue and very clean. Beyond them there are some bamboo huts with straw roofs which fit the setting perfectly. Surrounding them is all kind of luscious plants and trees as well as the beautiful rice paddies all layered aesthetically at different tiers. It looks like paradise, and the sun is shining down on the pair as they look out at the scenes before them.
Sidemen is home to some incredible views of the jungle and rice paddies, especially from this pool!


Bali is aptly known as the Island of the Gods, and after staying here it is easy to see why the Gods would choose to make this their home. After spending 6 blissful months here we are sad to leave such a beautiful place with so many new friends. It's 50/50 sad to leave, but also excitement at what is still to come!


For ideas on what to do when you get to Bali make sure to check out our blogs on The Nusa Islands, Whether Canggu is the one for you, The 10 best places to visit in Uluwatu and our Ubud Tour Guide.

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