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Saving money is impossible when you travel, and in fact, it's less about saving and more about stretching. A few years ago I worked in a sales role for a global travel company, and I thought I was going to learn all the tricks that would help me save a bunch of money on travel. The bitter truth I learned was that all the hacks I thought worked before were wrong. Things like booking far in advance, or even at the last minute, were irrelevant...they simply came down to luck.

I have learnt more from actually travelling than I ever did while working for a travel company. Now we want to pass on the hints and tips we've learned that have helped us save money on flights, so you can stretch your money a little further too.

A young couple are seen in the centre of the shot in a park gaving at each other lovingly with happy faces with a city seen beyond the park in the background. The man is on the left wearing black flip flops, light blue shorts, a white vest, dark sunglasses and dark brown hair. He is looking down at the young woman's face gazing back up at him and he has his right arm around her waist. The young woman has her right arm up and around the back of the young mans neck and her left arm holding onto his shoulder as she looks up at him smiling. She has white shorts on, dark sandals and a black strap top with dark sunglasses and her hair tied back in a low bun. Her left leg is pulled backwards in a 90 degree angle as she balances on her right leg which stands on the grass which leads up to a lake. The grass is a deep green and looks a little on the long side, but not too long, and the water ahead looks very calm. There is a viewing platform just ahead and to the right of the couple which looks out over the lake that stretches out. There are trees in the background surrounded by tall sky scrappers. The skyline is of Bangkok
Saving money on travel means having more to spend doing all the exciting stuff instead!

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VPNs can make it seem like you're browsing the web from any country you like, while also providing much better protection for your data. Airlines don't use set pricing, the prices change all the time depending on location or demand. While this is a tactic used by airlines to make more money, it is also something that can be exploited to find cheaper prices. Take a few minutes to check different countries to see if there are any price discrepancies and then book the cheapest. I use Nord VPN, which has worked incredibly well for me. It's one of the best around and at a good price. Most offer a 30-day money-back option so you can try them out to see if they're worth it for you.


Airlines can be sneaky. While a flight may look like its amazing value on the face of it, things can quickly change once you work through the booking process. Before you know it you're paying more for a budget flight, than you would the same route with a more reputable airline. Once you pay to select your seat and add on luggage it quickly adds up! They typically hope that people are too far down the booking process to turn back and start researching again.


Websites like Flynder Travel or Jacks Flight Club are built to find the cheapest deals around. Let them do their job and work at finding you the best deals around. Most of these businesses have free entry-level subscriptions, but for constant updates on the best flights around you typically need to pay for their service. If it saves money in the long run then it's worth it. We have used Flynder Travel previously and can recommend them. If you opt for a premium membership then make sure to use the code COUPLESQUEST30 at checkout for 30% off!

A couple can be seen here laying in a hammock style bed on an elevated platform sitting above the ocean. The man is on the left with only black swim shorts on and he is laid out on his front with his left leg straight and his right leg bent at an angle to support himself and lay comfortably. He is laid next to a young woman in a black bikini with long blonde hair flowing down her back. She is also laid on her front in a similar position and the two and turned slightly towards each other. They are laid on a padded sheet which is covering the hammock and above them is a sign that reads "here is the dream". A yellow pillow is seen to the right of the woman and it looks like they are in a very comfortable place. The ocean beneath and beyond them is a crystal clear blue and green colour. A few small boats can be seen dotted around and another hammock is beneath them tied in between two branches in the sea. The ocean stretches out until it meets land which is covered in greenery, hills and buildings. The sky looks clear with just a few clouds and it looks like a very sunny day
Relax and let others deal with the stress


This counts for when you're planning to fly and even which airports you use. By being flexible you are opening yourself up to get the best price around. You may have heard the age-old myth that Tuesday evenings are the best time to book a flight, and if that was ever true at some point, those days are long gone. the day you depart can have an effect though. Typically leaving on a weekend is more expensive than departing mid-week, so use the month chart on Skyscanner to quickly see which days look the best. As for the time to book there isn't much help anyone can provide, unfortunately. The best time to book is simply the time you see a price that looks good to you!

Try to factor in where you can fly from. If there's another airport close to you then check to see if they have any cheaper options for you. Maybe there is another airport you can fly into that also has cheaper options? Factor this into your searches to tick all the boxes before booking. By giving yourself more options for flights you're more likely to find cheaper fares.


If you've worked out all the details. If you know all the when, where's and how's then make sure to try your hand directly with the airline before booking anything else. We recently tried this when flying from the UK to Thailand. We researched everything and then quickly checked the price with Qatar airways directly. It was not only cheaper but was also fully flexible!


Go private or incognito. According to Scotts Cheap Flights, this won't make much of a difference, but it's always worth trying to make sure you are seeing fresh prices every time you search. Cookies can save data on websites and it can be possible that a website recycles the same flight prices every time, rather than showing you the latest ones.

This is a silhouette image of a man holding a woman up in the sea with waves crashing around them and the sun setting in the distance. The man and woman are almost completely blacked out but a few of their features can still be seen. The ocean is around knee height on the man and the waves are in front as well as behind him. He is holding the woman in his arms as she lays out and has one arm raised to pose. The sun set behind them has cast an incredible shade of orange which ranges from deep orange at the bottom to light orange and white just above the mans shoulders where the sun is behind him. The clouds are enhancing this colour amazingly
Always run a check incognito


If price is the biggest factor, then simply let that dictate where you go. Search for flights leaving your country by price to any destination. It's an exciting prospect throwing caution to the wind. It could lead to an amazing adventure visiting somewhere you would never have thought of going.

There you have it! Our flight saving tips that can hopefully help you out too. We will always make sure to update any extra hacks we can find along the way.


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