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This is without a doubt the #1 question we get asked, and our answer is always the same. It's a lot more achievable than you probably think...but that doesn't mean it's easy. We sacrificed, saved and developed other revenue streams to help us achieve our dream. It might seem like the monetary equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest right now, but there are tonnes of ways you can save what you need. If you want to travel, go on a luxury holiday or even make a large purchase like a house...we've done it all and are here to share exactly how.

I believe that this ultimately comes down to priorities. If you want something enough you will make decisions that lead to that specific outcome essentially. There's an element of manifestation here, but I don't mean just wishing for something to happen. It's about having a goal at the forefront of your mind and taking action to achieve your target. The Growth Mindset discusses how true belief can be a huge factor in driving people to put in the hard work that leads to accomplishing a goal.

Before going any further I would like to stress that neither Danielle nor myself are financial advisors. These are simple steps we took to try and think differently about money. For further financial advice, you can see some books at the end which we've read that make great starting points.

This image is a couple embracing each other and kissing while standing on the beach. The woman has her back towards the camera with her arms around the young mans neck as he slightly lifts her with her left leg straight and her toes just touching the sand, while her right leg is bent at the knee in a 90 degree angle. She is wearing a back bikini and has her blonde hair tied back in a low bun. The man is facing the camera with his eyes closed as they couple kiss. His left arm is tight around her upper back as he lifts her with his right arm gently supporting her lower back. He has dark brown hair with black shorts. The pair are standing on a beach with jet black sand, on what looks to be a sunny yet cloudy day as the white cloud fills the sky. The ocean waves are splashing close, mid way and far out at sea with rocks dotted around off the coast.
It took us a long time, but we eventually managed to save enough to make our travel dream a reality


This is incredibly important and deservedly sits at the top spot on our list. This was all Danielle's doing on our part, as I lived a lot more frivolously in the past. It's simple and works wonders.

Take your monthly income and subtract all outgoings you cannot control i.e. rent/mortgage/bills/food. Take what's left and subtract a set amount you agree to save each month...then just live on what's left. For us, we would split all bills and food etc. and put that money in a joint account. Then we would give ourselves £100 per week each to live off and put everything else into savings. It's important to remember to transfer all money into the correct accounts the second it comes into your bank. Don't just save what's left at the end of the month. Once that money has gone into your savings leave it alone! If you dip into it once for the night out or meal at a nice restaurant, then you'll find yourself doing it again and again.

Being the wiz with spreadsheets that she is, Danielle has put together this very easy-to-use and super helpful money-saving tracker. We've used it to help save for trips, and it works well. It lays everything out in front of you, is fully customisable for your plans and budgets, and it's the cost of an average lunch. Once you're able to go on your trip then there is a section for budgeting while you're away. This is great to stop you from blowing all your hard-earned money at the start!


This is what helps to stay within the budgets that you've already set at this point. Not buying that Starbucks on the way to work may not seem like much at first, but things add up fast. When you combine that with making your own lunches/ breakfasts you soon find that you're able to live on a lot less than you thought. We didn't lock ourselves away and do nothing though. We would still go out on a weekend or for a meal every so often, but we would factor that into our weekly limits. If you have plans for the weekend then eat at home throughout the week.

Move onto a sim-only deal when your contract expires. Cancel subscriptions you don't need or use. There is a tonne of non-essentials we can all cut out, and they add up to make a big difference.


Life throughout lockdown taught us that you don't have to spend money to have a good time. There are picturesque walks or hikes you can take through mountains, forests or lakes that don't cost anything. I would be confident that wherever you are there is something interesting and free to do. Short-term pain was always outweighed by the long-term gain in our eyes. We made sure to do whatever we could to save as much as possible...and now we get to do all the amazing things we always wanted to while being away.

A young woman can be seen sat on a circular black and white mat with her back to the camera as she looks out on some beautiful rice paddies in Ubud, Indonesia. She is sat in a small white teepee that has a section of material at the back that you can open up to reveal the beautiful views below. She is wearing light blue denim shorts with a black bikini top on and the teepee seems to be placed on a viewing platform with a roped fence at the end. Beyond this it overlooks the amazing rice paddies ahead which are layered to create very unique looking hills. There is every shade of green imaginable ahead as the paddies are surrounded by the jungle trees and plants. The sky is cloudy but the sun is shining through the white cloud and lighting up everything you can see.
Foregoing a few short-term pleasures at home meant we were able to spend a little more and eat at this beautiful cafe in Ubud overlooking the rice paddies


If you're active on Social Media then I'm sure you've seen all sorts of side hustles. It's anything that can create extra income on the side. Some free side hustles we used are:

  • Premium Bonds: This is a risk-free way of storing your savings. We don't make life-changing money from it, but it's more than any interest you'll get from any bank. You can earn up to £ 1 million...although unlikely, it can happen.

  • Sell what you don't need: I was shocked at what people would buy on eBay or FaceBook marketplace. It's easy to accumulate stuff over the years, so sell anything you don't need. We've sold BBQs, old tech, clothes and make-up. If you don't use it, get rid!

  • Freelance: If you have any skills that are in demand then you can make some great money this way. Fiverr and Upwork are good starting points but don't forget job boards and LinkedIn too.

  • Matched Betting: This system takes advantage of free bets online bookmakers use to attract new customers. It's a little admin-heavy, but as long as you're careful and click the right buttons then it's foolproof. Profit Accumulator have a piece of software which takes care of all the hard work, and they have a free trial so you can see if it's right for you.

  • Investments: Approach this with caution. Jumping straight in without any knowledge or a plan then you will likely lose most, if not all of your money. Danielle and I have a small portfolio which we are trying to add to as best we can. It's not something that we're making money off, it's one for the future.

A young man is laid on a sun lounger by the side of a swimming pool, but he isn't simply relaxing. He has his left arm raised with his hand cupping the back of his neck and a laptop on his lap as he sits working while laid in the picturesque spot. He has a green, blue vest on, a tattoo on his left shoulder and short dark brown hair. He is facing away from the camera, and is looking at his laptop while he lays out on the lounger. The lounger directly faces the pool which looks calm, clear and appealing to swim in. There is a sun umbrella besides him that has been taken down and tied up. There is also an empty sun lounger to his left. the sun bed on which he is laid has a white and blue horizontal striped towel on it and is made from a dark brown wood. The bed next to him has a padded mat on it with no towel. The pool is a long rectangular shape and beyond that you can see a variety of trees and bushes
These tips don't just help you save, they help generate income while you're away too

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I don't feel this is mentioned enough, but it's something I believe in wholeheartedly. If you aim to get rich quick then you'll likely end up in a much worse position than you before. As Robert Kiyosaki says "it's not about how much money you make, it's about how much you keep". If you don't know how to keep your money, budget, and live within your means then you'll likely lose everything you make. Once it's gone you're left with outgoings that exceed what you had before and you're unable to make house, car or credit card payments. It took years for Danielle and I to save and put enough together to go on our trip. If you want to do something similar then you have to be prepared to do the same.

If you're serious about learning more about money then some books we started with are:

We hope these tips can help you achieve any goal you have. It's a marathon rather than a sprint, but it's worth it in the end!


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