After spending around six weeks in Uluwatu, because we loved it so much, we figured we would share some of our favourite places to visit that you cannot miss out if you're ever in the area. There's a bunch of amazing things to see, do and eat here and it will not be a disappointment by any means! With so many amazing places there is a lot to get through...so here we go!



If you want to visit the best beach in Bali then look no further. Surrounded by tropical cliffs that look like something straight out of Jurassic Park, this stretch of white powdered sands and crystal shorelines is paradise for everyone.


If you like the sound of a beach inside a magical cave, then this could be one for you. It's not huge, and won't fill an entire day of your time but it is something that was unlike anything we'd seen before. You may see more advanced surfers coming and going as they make the most of the waves outside, but it is for advanced surfers only. The rest of you can simply sit and enjoy watching the light rays shine through the cracks and the water that rushes in.

A man and woman are seen here stood side by side holding hands as they look at the waves coming in on this secluded beach. The beach looks to be almost inside a cave as there are rocks surrounding it on all sides and above. The light is only coming in on a strip just in front of the pair but the waves can be seen hitting the rocks ahead of them as they curve around and head towards the pair. The man is wearing black swim shorts and has short dark hair. The woman is in a black two piece bikini and they are standing with the mans right hand in the woman's left hand as they look out.
Such a magical cave! Just be careful of the water when it comes rushing in


Both of these points are equally worth viewing, and the bridge is one you will likely drive past time and time again. That won't stop you pulling your vehicle over to stand and take in the amazing sight before you. The beach is next to a small monkey forrest, it costs 15k per person to enter, and it is a very nice beach with cliffs all around and soft sand. You may see some monkeys running along the nearby rooftops, or stealing some snacks out of some unlucky swimmers backpacks too.


We came here on Christmas day with some friends, and it is a very long stretch of paradise. The sand is white and soft while the water is clear. There is a small warung serving drinks and snacks at a reasonable price, and the entry fee is simply a donation on your way in. The length of the beach means there is more than enough room for everyone, and the floor of the ocean is a bit rocky but other than that it is perfect.

The aeroplane at the top of the cliffs which looks down upon the beach has drawn a lot of tourist attention as of late, and I don't know if you can go inside of it anymore. Some friends of ours were told that thieves had stolen things from inside so they started denying people access, if you are able to get in then you will get the best view around on the wings of the plane...you may also get photobombed by a paraglider.

A young man and woman are both sat down with their legs dangling from the edge of the wing of a commercial aeroplane. The win stretches out over the side a cliff and beyond that you can see the deep blue ocean, as the waves crash against the faint sight of a beach below. The sky is cloudy but there are patches of blue and someone paragliding is just starting to float into the image in the top right corner. their parachute is visible along with half their body. The woman is in the foreground of the image and she is wearing a white crop top with black shorts and flip flops. The plane wing is stretching out and she is sat facing the left side of the image showing a side profile. alongside her is the young man who is wearing a green vest and he is leaning back supporting his weight with his arms behind him. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder and short brown hair.
One of the best photobombs we've ever had!


This is quite the walk down, but well worth it. It's not a huge beach, but it is beautiful! The walk down has some amazing and interesting sights as well, which include some sort of amphitheatre we assume must have been a restaurant or bar pre-covid, but is now empty, and then the views from the top off the cliffs as well. Once you've made the long walk down you're greeted by a very clean, white powdered sand beach, clear blue waters and nothing but sand on the bottom of the ocean to greet your wary feet. It's small, and we didn't have anyone else around when we stopped by.


Like a lot of beaches on this side of the world this too is a longish walk down, but not so bad and at least it's actual steps from start to finish. The beach is long, and you can immediately see this would have been the party strip in a not too distant past, but for now it's simply a nice section of beach surrounded by bars, cafe's and restaurants. Worth the walk.


Truth be told we never actually stepped foot on the beach, but the views from the cliffs are amazing! The tides had swept a lot of trash onto the beach, which does happen from time to time, but it is always quickly cleaned up. You can spend some of your day walking along the cliffs, exploring nearby caves and getting some great pictures.


Again, a long walk down to this beach, and this time through stretches of jungle, but it's a magnificent beach. the long stretch of sand is met with beautiful oceans in front and jungle as well as cliffs behind. The waves were quite powerful when we went so be careful swimming out too far, and keep an eye out for a small section of boat that has been graffitied and makes for some nice and different snaps.

This image shows a young couple standing together as they look out at the ocean ahead of them. They are standing on the front of an old ship which has been left on the beach at the shore. The rest of the ship has gone, leaving just the front as a wreckage that has been covered in graffiti. You can see the side profile of the couple as they stand while looking out at the ocean before them. The man is standing behind the young woman and he has a slim figure with dark brown hair, tanned skin, dark sunglasses and black shorts on. In front of him the woman is in an all white one piece bikini with her blonde hair flowing behind her in the breeze, and she also has dark sun glasses on. This section of the boat is sat on the white sand as the tide closes in on it. The water ahead looks a little rough as waves can be seen in the distance, but the sky is blue with a few clouds dotted around. The graffiti covering the boat is a mix of all colours you can imagine, and styles as the boat seems to have been sat there for some time.
The 'shipwreck' here is definitely something that you don't see on many beaches, and worth the trip down to see.


A very easy to reach beach by scooter, with very little walking involved which is a nice change! It was quite busy when we went, but some nice rocky areas to get some photos, and grassy cliffs too.


I don't know the exact deal with Thomas beach, but as we approached it there were signs advising it was a private beach, so we carried on and stopped short of going too far down the steps. The view its self is wonderful, you can get some great photos and if you're legs hurt from the other beaches then feel free to pass on this one.


One of the single greatest spots to sit and see the raw power of the ocean crash amongst the cliffs from up high. Be very careful near the edge as there is nothing but yourself stopping you from falling off the top, and it's not a fall you would make it back from. The view is immense, and it makes for an amazing place to watch the sunset.

A young couple can be seen here sitting with their back to the camera while sitting on a cliff edge. The drop is far down to the white water crashing against the rocks, and the cliffs themselves are covered in greenery. The woman is on the left side of the man and she is wearing a black and white spotted dress with an open back and her long blonde hair falling down to the middle of her back. Her legs are dangling off the cliff edge as she sits with her body turned towards the young man and they are kissing. The man has his left arm behind and to the side of him supporting him as he leans in to kiss the woman. He has a dark vest on, short brown hair and a tattoo on his left shoulder. The sky is clear blue with very little cloud and the water below looks rough, but beautiful.
We were left in awe of this viewpoint during the day...and it's a popular place for incredible sunsets too!


Just across from the hills above there is a bar which gets an almost identical view. If you want to watch the sunset with a little music in the background, around more people and with drinks available to buy, then here is the place for you.


The cliffs around Uluwatu make for incredible sunset viewpoints, and this is another. Mana is a lovely bar/ restaurant/ homestay and you can sit in the pool here with a coconut, or a cocktail and watch as the day draws to a close. It's a little bit more expensive that other places you can eat or drink, but others don't have that amazing view.


Uluwatu is full of amazing places to eat, and we sampled a lot of them multiple times during our stay. Here are some of our favourites that we recommend to anyone!


Bejana - Good for any meal of the day in truth, but have great breakfasts and do 50k for all bar 1 of their breakfast dishes + a coffee.

Ulu Garden - Also have breakfast deals, which include a meal, coffee and juice for 70k, and have the added benefit of enjoying your meal in their beautiful garden.

Lands End - A great friendly place which offers natural, healthy food and has a bunch of deals which include a french press coffee in the price.

Jeffry's - A family run restaurant which we mainly went to for breakfast, but they offer lunch and evening meals too. They have different breakfast packages, but their meals come with a coffee and fruit platter.

Three Steps Coffee - Like so many places in Uluwatu they also have a breakfast deal, I think one or two places started this trend and it quickly caught on. There food is very good, and there is a lovely garden in the back.

Ulu Resto - This was right behind where we stayed, and the people working there are all very fun and friendly. The meals are larger than most places we went to, but are also just as tasty and well priced. In the evening if you order a main you will be treated to some fruit and ice cream complimentary, sometimes an apple pie on good days!

Chela - If you want to mix things up with a breakfast different to other places then this is the one. They offer bundle packages for 2, or individual meals. We had a sweet platter that was delicious! And included waffles, toast, jam, honey, fruits, nuts, chocolate spread, yogurt and tasted incredible.

A lot of the above you can also go to for other meals in the day, but our favourites for evening meals were definitely these....


Wasabi Sushi - By far Danielle's favourite food of all time, so she always makes sure we find incredible sushi places, and this one ranks high on the all-time favourites. Very good price, and they make a good selection of special rolls too.

Krishnas Kitchen - We struggled for a while to find a good Indian near us in Uluwatu as most we were finding online were too far or had closed down. Thankfully the amazing Krishnas opened early Jan and we went back a number of times! A great selection of food that changes all the time, and it's all always delicious.

Casa Asia - This ranks as probably the best pasta we have had in Bali so far, and I don't say that lightly. We have eaten a lot of pasta, maybe too much some might say, but I would go back here time and time and time again, without question. Super tasty, and a good price at that.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Uluwatu and would happily go back...we almost extended our stay further for that matter. With our last day in Bali looking an awfully lot closer than it did just a few months ago we realised we had to move on to experience more of this incredible place. We had ran away from the rain as much as we possibly could, but next it was time to head up North. We recently left for Ubud and can't wait to tell you about all the amazing viewpoints, waterfalls and eateries there too!


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