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We want to share with you how our photography went from  this


to this

Our Photography Kit


A tripod transformed our photos overnight. We went from needing to rely solely on great individual photos, to take even better pictures together. Before you know it you'll be having a makeshift photoshoot with your partner and having the best time together in the process.

image 4.JPG

The GoPro mainly comes in handy when you're doing something involving water, or some sort of extreme sport. It isn't something that we bring with us when we know we are simply shooting photos, but it allows you to capture truly remarkable pictures and videos that nothing else can get.


If you're unsure about splashing out on a camera just yet, a phone is more than sufficient. We have moved further and further away from phones as we have developed our skills with the camera, but in truth, most recent mobile phones are still able to capture incredible pictures. 

DSC04992 2.jpg

After noticing how much a tripod levelled up our photography we wanted to invest in m0re equipment to enhance our videos. We ruined a lot of potentially incredible videos with shaky hands, so we took the plunge and invested in a gimbal. This is the best on the market right now and early signs are very good for us so far! 


Something that should be a staple for any content creator. Lightroom is an app that can level up any photo, and something we would recommend. You can use other creators presets, or make your own to get your images looking exactly how you want. Plus, the mobile app version is free!