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Hello and welcome to our travel blog! 👋🏼

About Us

We're a UK couple with a passion for travel, and love sharing our adventures with others to help inspire anyone who wants to do the same. After meeting on a train in 2014 we've managed to visit 14 countries so far with plans for many more. We first discovered our love of travel when we visited Prague for a city break just a few months after we first met. We soon realised we loved exploring, experiencing new places, discovering different cultures and haven't looked back since.


Our Journey

Fast forward to today and we finally decided to take the plunge after dreaming of doing this for so long... W
e quit our 9-5's in 2021 to pursue our dream of being travel content creators. Danielle is a Social Media Manager by trade, and for the last few years has been working alongside some of the largest brands in the world. Matt's experience lies in sales, advertising and account management for various global business' within the travel and automotive industry.


We're currently in South East Asia, so follow us along the way as we provide our top travel tips & recommendations, money savings hacks and all the travel inspiration you'll need!

Our ultimate goal is to inspire and share our journey with the world.

If you're interested in working with us, please contact us on couplesquest@outlook.com

or visit this page for more info!